Perseverance is the virtue of the tenacious

Perseverance should not be confused with stubbornness or obstinacy, these in fact feed on pride and exhibitionism. Perseverance is the other face of responsibility, which characterizes the journey of that intent on keeping the commitments made.

The persevering person with his lifestyle shows that there are projects and goals for which it is worth spending all the time. And that to achieve these goals, one must be willing to overcome the temptation that is always lurking, to back off.

Perseverance demands the abandonment of the zapping syndrome, the result of the quick and hasty conception of time. On the contrary, it cultivates the motivations that initially pushed to get involved. I agree with Friedrich Nietzsche, for whom – Who has a reason to live, can endure almost anything.

The word perseverance refers to the idea of ​​persisting with tenacity, of lasting despite efforts and setbacks. Particularly illuminating are the indications contained in the biblical account which has Job as its protagonist. Known for his proverbial patience, the biblical patriarch shows in every moment of his tormented story, perseverance and fidelity towards God.

Perseverance is not a foregone and peaceful submission to the adversities of life. Instead, it experiences moments of rebellion, protest, lamentation, and real quarrel, during which Job comes to accuse God of being a tormentor who spies on his victim to harm her (cf. Job 7: 17-20).

The real great inner enemy of perseverance takes on the role of laziness, lack of conviction, and the loss of zest for living from time to time. An ally instead of perseverance is resilience, which is both the ability to react in the face of the inevitable shocks of adverse situations and the drive to get back on the road.

Everyone can nurture dreams and expectations, but the only way to show that you believe in them is to pursue them with perseverance, stabilizing easy enthusiasms with rationality, and spending oneself on them with passion and in a responsible manner.

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