Pisces Guardian Angels give a strong sensitivity

Pisces Guardian Angels instill in the person born under this zodiac sign a marked sensitivity and sense of reality. They are generally lovable, emotional, helpful, and kind people. They are apparently daydreamers, but indeed they do not lack a sense of reality. Since in all circumstances the influences of the Pisces Guardian Angel always have a close bearing on reality, that is, with the action of the Divine Work.

Pisces Guardian Angels from February 20th to March 20th

67th Angel from 20 to 24 February

Angel Eyael, God delight of the children of men.
Angels Angelic Choir
Days 25 May, 05 August, 16 October, 27 December, 9 March.
Time 10:00 pm 10:20 pm
Gifts – peaceful and serene life, happy insights, success in trades related to fishing, as well as marine plant and mineral products.

68th Angel from 25 to 29 February

Angel Habuiah, God who gives freely.
Angels Hierarchy
Days May 26, August 06, October 17, December 28, March 10.
Time 10:20 pm – 10:40 pm.
Gifts – health and ability to heal others from any disease, success in everything concerning the agricultural world.

69th Angel from 1 to 5 March

Angel Rochel, God who sees all.
Angels Hierarchy
Days 27 May, 07 August, 18 October, 29 December, 11 March.
Time 10:40 pm 11:00 pm
Gifts – success in the study of history and in professions related to the exercise of justice.

70th Angel from 6 to 10 March

Angel Jabamiah, Word that generates everything.
Angels Hierarchy
Days 28 May, 08 August, 19 October, 30 December, 12 March.
Time 11:00 pm 11:20 pm
Gifts – regeneration of creatures and natural phenomena, diffusion.

71st Angel from 11 to 15 March

Angel Haiaiel, Lord God of the universe.
Angels Hierarchy
Days 29 May, 09 August, 20 October, 31 December, 13 March.
Time 11:20 pm 11:40 pm
Gifts – brilliant career in the army and in the steel industry.

72nd Angel from 16 to 20 March

Angel Mumiah, Omega.
Angels Hierarchy
Days 30 May, 10 August, 21 October, 1 January, 14 March.
Time 11:40 pm Midnight
Gifts – serene longevity, resounding success in the medical profession, in the head of chemistry and surgery, luck, and excellent achievements in any sphere.

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