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Positive statements are positive thoughts

Positive statements are positive thoughts formulated with the desire to instill new truths in the mind. By affirmation we mean everything we think or say, including our personal inner dialogue. Even the complaints are statements of what we don’t want in our lives. We are usually used to thinking and speaking by formulating negative thoughts. It is very important to train ourselves to change our way of thinking and speaking, according to positive patterns, because words have the power to influence every aspect of our life.

To affirm means to declare as a certain thing, to support with determination, with conviction. To understand the essence of positive affirmations it is necessary to distinguish between positive and negative thoughts. Negative thoughts are spontaneous and involuntary, while positive thoughts are voluntary, in the sense that they require effort to be formulated.

At the base of positive affirmations there is a pillar of personal growth, that is to say that which states that the life of every individual is the reflection of the thoughts that he habitually does. It is therefore of fundamental importance to replace old limiting thoughts with new controlled and positive mental thoughts.

Positive statements have helped many people, but why don’t they work sometimes?

Many people repeat the statements only once a day and then complain or formulate negative thoughts for the rest of the time. In this context, the statements take a long time to work, because they will always win the negative statements that have become a habit.

In other cases the statements are repeated dozens of times during the day, but without conviction. In this way, they come into contact with all the beliefs that have been deposited in the unconscious for many years without bringing any benefit.

Saying the affirmations is only the beginning of the procedure, the secret to making them work quickly and positively is to prepare the right atmosphere to make them develop, cultivating happy thoughts. The more you succeed in making happy thoughts, the faster the affirmations will act. The change will not happen within a day or a night, but if you will be constant and every day you will choose only happy thoughts, to which you will add small actions in line with the goal you want to achieve, slowly you will notice positive transformations in every area of ​​the your life.


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