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Powers Angels drive out the attacks of evil

Powers Angels are the last Choir of the second Angelic hierarchy, their name reveals to us their parity of degree shared with Dominions Angels and with the Virtues Angels. The harmonious disposition in accepting the divine gifts, the character of ultramundane and intelligent power, which does not tyrannically abuse its powerful forces. The Powers, the angels of force, go to restore order wherever it is threatened, guided by Kamael the Archangel (Desire of God). Their work is comparable to that performed by the body to get rid of waste.

The powers extend their dominion over the Sun and from there send their impulses to all the planets of the cosmos. Described by the Bible as angelic beings of many colors, like misty vapors, they are the bearers of consciousness and the custodians of history. Powers are the angels of birth and death. They are academically guided and interested in ideology, philosophy, theology, religion, and the documents that belong to these studies. Powers Angels are the minds: they are a group of experts, serving as advisers and policy planners. Their task is to oversee the distribution of powers to humanity, in their name. Paul of Tarsus uses the term Powers in the letter to the Colossians and the letter to the Ephesians.

From the letter of St. Paul the Apostle to the Ephesians (6.10-20) – … Brothers, draw strength in the Lord and the vigor of his power. Put on the armor of God to resist the devil’s snares. For our battle is not against creatures made of blood and flesh, but against the rulers of this world of darkness, against the spirits of evil that dwell in the celestial regions. The first letter to the Colossians (16) – because through him all things were created, those in the heavens and those on earth, the visible and the invisible ones: Thrones, Dominions, Principalities, and Powers.

The Powers are those who drive away from the attacks of evil and by which their assault is weakened, they restrain the tyrannies of the demons so that they do not cross the border. They are also called Spirits of the Form because from their spiritual activity, in opposition to the corresponding fallen spirits, comes the form of the objects of the material world and their manifestation. Because of this ability to give form to what their spiritual gaze poses, they are also known as the Seven Eyes of God. In the transformation of the Earth, the human ego was born from the sacrifice of their spiritual substance. They are entities particularly linked to the destiny of humanity on Earth.

Keep in mind that up to the Moon the Angels dominate; up to Mercury the Archangels; to Venus the Principalities, up to the Sun the Powers, up to Mars the Virtues; then come the Angels we call Dominions and finally come the Thrones, Cherubim and Seraphim.

The Powers, ensure that the building constructed up to now according to the intent of the universe has stability as long as it is necessary, to which it does not immediately disappear. They are conservatives. So we see in the Dominions Angels the ordinators in the Angels Virtues the executors of those systems and in the conservative Powers of what the Virtues have built. They load the created element of the most suitable life energy to its species. They practically keep the subtle bodies together, shape the aura that will allow the expression of the Self, and defend against the subversive activity of evil forces.

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