Poyel Angel Ancient Healing Prayer

Poyel Angel divine cosmic essence, a column of the universe. Support of the disinherited turns your sweet gaze to this valley of pain inhabited by human beings. Pour your tears of compassion Poyel Lord and let them flood us with your living water, so that your love may be the great solvent of the karmic ballast of our heavy past.

Poyel Angel’s eternal universal presence be forever in me alive. Give life to my spirit with your essence. Be active in my soul stay with me, united with me so that with each of my breaths in my lungs your divine breath enters together with the air. You are the invisible force that enlivens my spirit, a vigorous current, a vast sea of ​​shimmering foam, a great purifier, delicate and sweet. You are the immaculate force that grants new virginity to the soul that has sinned.

Invade Poyel Angel my soul depressed by so many misfortunes, this fortress that willingly surrenders to your divinity. With the gift of my person, with this surrender without conditions that I offer you. I ask you Almighty Lord to free me from physical pain and spiritual torments. Never before had I felt the presence of the double-edged sword suspended over our haughty and proud heads, which should instead bow humbly convinced of their guilt.

Unfortunately, we prefer to worship idols, built day by day by our mistakes. And yet Lord Poyel, I notice the waves that you slide over me to open my conscience to the truth. Radiant waves, bright, clear, penetrate discreetly, in my sleeping heart that will wake up to shake my whole being and push it towards a renewal action. I am no longer a puppet at the orders of my ambitions. As soon as the waters of your oceans of happiness and health reach my shores, I will become by your grace, for your permanent presence by my side, clean, fresh of every refusal.

If the Evil (castle of sand in your hands) takes root in me, you Lord with the enthusiasm of a wild, free horse, never tamed by tyrants, demolishing the spiritual purpose of man, You gentleman with a horse friend of man, you will come to tear the chains of those who have been prisoners but now love God forever. You Lord with great strength and tenacity, you will come to help the one who wants to free himself from the net woven by his own ignorance.

Poyel Angel triumphant column that I see rising from the sea of foam, let me triumph, let me defeat what is sordid. You support the starry heavenly vault, so it is Lord that I see You, let me come out unscathed from the shadows of my evils, you sustain my new conscience, my renewed nature. Lord, your strength will become a creative word in my mouth, in my gestures, in my actions. As the wind rips the foam from the sea, it tears away from my soul, Lord, every incrustation that is not the faithful reflection of Your Light.

Poyel Angel helps beat demands. It favors the acquisition of prestige, fortune, and the spread of great philosophies. Removing anger and the thought of addiction. This Name eliminates the clipoths of idolatry. It helps in spreading the wisdom of Kabbalah around the world.

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