Poyel Guardian Angel Born December 27 to 31

Poyel is considered the bearer of the gifts of Providence. It dominates on luck, hope and optimism. Poyel concretizes the of the Moon, the unconscious forces that form the images of our interiority, and is the most generous angel assigned to those who have deserved it by acting well in previous lives. He offers people the most precious gifts, bringing in themselves the of Venus (Beauty and Health), of Uranus () and of Jupiter (Abundance and Power). All this is offered to these souls so that they can project it to the outside, making others participate in their full realization.

bestows a great deal of riches, beauty and harmony, through the ineffable source of our feelings; on the other hand he has the task of unblocking cosmic feelings, to make them available to the individual. Therefore, these will be polite, refined, task, for a way of being innate; it will show remarkable skill in all the activities in which the feelings constitute a determining factor; it would be wrong, however, to speak in terms of vocation, since the Will of the person will be to some extent oriented by the force of the radiated of the .

But the action of the angel may be delayed by some attachment that anchors the person to the inner world of his roots or of childhood; above all to the mother, to whom these born can turn a so intense as to create an obstacle to opening outwards, to adult . is the tool that can unblock these feelings. This block can also be described as a fear of facing the ugliness of the world, and instead represents the spur to look more profoundly in oneself.

Psalm 144:14 Allevat Dominus omnes qui corruunt et erigit omnes depressos

2 thoughts on “Poyel Guardian Angel Born December 27 to 31

  1. Thank you for this very informative article. As I am born on December 29, I am naturally interested in learning more about the angel Poyel. I have made a couple of interesting observations, which I thought you perhaps could comment on: 1) In many lists of angels, Poyel is not included or hardly any information is given. When there is a description of Poyel, however, it is exceedingly positive. Do you have any idea why that is? 2) Various names of angels serve as names for children. There are plenty of lists around on the Internet. I have never seen Poyel being used as a name for children. Would you know why? Thank you for your time!

    1. 1) Poyel is an angel of Kabbalah, an esoteric angel, an angel of Kabbalah.
      2) Poyel is considered the bearer of the gifts of Providence, he dominates on luck, hope and optimism. Poyel is the most generous Angel … assigned to those who have deserved the guide by acting well in previous lives …
      3) As for children, we can give names whose power is in the name itself.
      Gabriel – Means: Force of God – word of God – work of God
      Michael – Means: similar to God or who is similar to God?
      Raphael – Means: Healing of God or God heals.

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