Prayer for Healing to Archangel Raphael, God’s Medicine

Prayer for Healing to Archangel Raphael, who can give us complete and profound healing. In fact, Raphael’s healing is aimed at our heart, our soul, and our body.

Here is a prayer for healing with which to ask the archangel Raphael to send us his magnificent healing energy.

I pray to you Archangel Raphael so that all of me maybe welcomed into your presence as a great healer. He makes that through your influence, I can remember my self-healing ability.

The certainty of your Light is for me great comfort and stimulus to my recovery.

My body, my emotions, my thoughts, my soul now wish to be balsamized by your green and blue ray, to remember health as an intrinsic quality of my Human Being.

Yes, everything about me speaks of a divine plan in Christ. With your help, I am sure that from now on this memory is more than ever present and operating in me and outside of me.

My hands open to the sky to feel your healing energy and now I carry it in all my body parts, to remind me of who I am, what I am, and what I am made of.

I am healing, because illness is only the moment of unclearness, of not feeling worthy of love.
Thank you.

Now I’m.

Yes, I am in my perfect healing as it appears and manifests itself.

Thanks to you for now and always. Yes.

Saint Raphael the Archangel

Is one of the seven archangels who stand before the throne of God. Rafa-El means God heals. Raphael is remembered for the story of Tobias in the Old Testament. According to tradition, he presides over the spirits of men, is the patron saint of travelers who invoke their custody, and watches over all the wounds and diseases of men.

We can invoke it when we are worried about our health, that of the people we love, and that of our pet friends. He, who is the Medicine of God, is always ready to give us his help and to give relief and healing. Here is a beautiful act of consecration with which you can ask for his help.

Prayer for Healing – Act of Consecration

OH Saint Raphael, great prince of the celestial court, one of the seven Spirits who relentlessly contemplate the Throne of the Highest, I (your name) in the presence of the Most Holy Trinity, of Mary Immaculate our Queen and Queen also of the nine Choirs of Angels, I dedicate to you to be one of your servants in all the days of my life.

I will never spend a single day again without worshiping you and offering you my humble compliments. As for me, I will contribute so that other people also honor you to experience the effect of your protection.

OH Holy Archangel, accept my offer and receive me in the ranks of your proteges who know from experience the value of your patronage.

Guide of travelers, lead me on the pilgrimage of this life. Protector of those who is in danger, free me from all the pitfalls that can threaten my body and my soul.

Refuge of the unhappy, help me in my spiritual and physical poverty. Comforter of the afflicted dispels the pain that keeps my oppressed heart and my spirit in anguish.

Doctor of the sick, heal the infirmities of my soul and keep my holiness, so that I may use it to serve our common Lord more fervently.

Protector of families cast a look of kindness on mine; he makes my family members and my possessions experience the effect of your custody.

Protector of tempted souls, free me from all the suggestions of the infernal enemy and do not allow me to ever fall into his net.

Benefactor of charitable souls, to rejoice in your benevolent protection, I make in your presence the decision never to deny my help to other brothers, as far as possible to my human resources.

Accept my humble offer, OH Holy Archangel, and grant me the grace to taste throughout my life and at the time of my death, the effects of your protection and assistance.

So be it.

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  1. Dear Raphael, thank you for your grace, I ask of you for help to heal a beautiful being that is corrupt by a cancer of his throat. My passion of people is profound by him.
    Thank you All Healing Angel.
    I pray for Paul C. Arnett sr.
    For help from my Gardien and his power to perform perfect health practices on his physical properties.
    Love You Raphael, tell my fathers in heaven, thank you, I miss you always unforgotten.

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