Prayer for money do not doubt the power of God

Prayer for money, faith represents the most important means for believers to be heard and to change their destiny. Although Catholic teachings teach us to label the desire for money as an evil that must be desisted, there are many who seek prayers to receive money and find some serenity.

Basically asking to solve economic problems, to be able to live a quiet life, without worries and without difficulties, is not a sin. For this, the Church itself accepts and promotes some prayers for money.

Prayer for money is not a sin

When lack of money causes serious survival problems and endangers personal dignity, then there is absolutely nothing wrong with praying to the Virgin Mary, the Angels, and Archangels to help us overcome these difficulties. In God’s eyes, it is greed and attachment to money that is wrong, in these cases, praying becomes truly out of place and deplorable.

What we can do when looking for a system or a prayer to win money is to determine what is most effective and suitable for us, to change the course of things for our benefit. To do this, the first and most fundamental thing is to believe in it!

Prayer for Money Trust in God

Projecting our expectations and our positive thoughts towards a certain goal will bring us closer to achieving it. Our mind is powerful, the energy in us is the same energy that can move the whole world, but most people don’t know how to use it.

We are not initiated into the mysteries of magic, we cannot know how to direct our will in order to change what surrounds us. For this, we need an energy catalyst. Faith is the great catalyst of energy that comes directly from God and the Angels who have the task of watching over each of us.

Every man, to whom God grants riches and goods, also has the faculty to enjoy them and take his part in them and to enjoy his labors: this too is a gift from God.
Ecclesiastes 5:18

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