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Principalities Angels, Guardians of Time, and Eras

Principalities Angels According to Christian angelology based on the classification of Dionysius, the Principalities are an order of angels belonging to the third hierarchy of the Christian tradition. Which also includes at a lower level the category of Angels and Archangels. Principalities are the guardian angels of time and historical eras.

Principalities Angels Characteristics

According to the most ancient literary and wisdom traditions, the Principalities exert their influences from the orbit of Venus. They are angelic beings shaped like rays of light, they are beyond the group of Archangels. They are the spirits of history and time, guardians of nations and counties, and of all that pertains to their problems and events, including politics, military problems, trade and exchange.

One of their tasks is to choose who among humanity can take the lead role in a certain period, or to inspire the birth of new ideas or inventions capable of marking a certain epoch. St. Paul uses the term Principalities in his letters to the Colossians and the Ephesians.

In the Divine Comedy, the sky in which the Principalities reside is the one inhabited by the loving spirits. To which Dante tells the celestial Principles to which he had dedicated his song of the Convivio.

Commenting on which he had specified that in it they induce you to hear what I mean certain Intelligences, or true by more used way we mean Angels, which are in revolution of the sky of Venus, yes as movers of it. Each choir of angels, in fact, is responsible for the movement of its respective planet.

Principalities Angels Spirits of Personality

In the esoteric perspective of anthroposophy, while the archangels contribute to human development through the progress of nations. Principalities, alternatively called personality spirits, ensure that every age also has its part in the overall evolution of humanity. Determining the fact that each nation experiences its Renaissance, its Enlightenment, and so on in a different way.

Presiding each of them in historical cycles of about 300 years, they give specific evolutionary orders to the archangels, their inferiors. The man who originally lived only as a member of a tribal community, because of their work is thus called to acquire more and more awareness of himself as an autonomous individual.

According to eminent angeologists, principalities live in a luminous enthusiasm for the awakening of man to free understanding and freedom of action. By acquiring awareness of the directing ideas of his time, in fact, man rises above them, dominating them and making them of him.

Only by understanding the mission of his time will he be able to find the right place to fulfill it in freedom, not letting himself be carried away by the progress of civilization. He but rather appropriating it, to fully live the destiny in which he finds himself placed. Using the customs and the norms of behavior typical of his time as a means of expressing his free individuality, that is, as a material to be shaped, man contributes to the very evolution of the spirit of his time.

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