Prosperity Prayer to Guardian Angels

Prosperity Angels, bless me for my spiritual development and my material success to be truly aligned. May my work reflects my spiritual purpose, and my spiritual purpose will guide me to work in a prosperous and satisfying manner. That I attract the money I need to live with joy and abundance. Let it be guided by the opportunities of immense prosperity, to share it with the people I love.

May I be guided by the Angels in all opportunities and with the help of the Angels I know will benefit from it. Give me strength, courage, and inspiration to turn all my opportunities into a great success. That money, love, and peace of mind can flow into my life in abundance. Thank you, Angels, of Prosperity.

Glorious angels of God who are at our service for our well-being. I love you and I give you praise, I thank you for all the gifts that you grant me with love. I know the gifts of prosperity that I receive from you I need to improve my present and my future. Angels of prosperity, blessed by God, answer my call! Open the doors of the abundance of wealth, success and prosperity.

Remove misery from me, and let my path be full of opportunities, that happiness may knock at my door, that success in my work is constant, that my efforts can always get rewards, and that life is a blessing, Angels of Prosperity, you are the joy of my life, and with your help and your protection, I will be safe from all ills May I be blessed and praised now and forever. Fill my life with happiness, peace, and tranquility. And a bright future can open before me.

This post was published on February 17, 2020 2:45 am