Protective meditation against envy and slander

Protective meditation is a spiritual practice that brings together concentration, relaxation, and visualization techniques, intending to create barriers of psychic energy, which create a barrier to the negativity that comes from envy and slander. As a means of safeguarding energy protection, meditation is part of holistic healing systems and different spiritual currents. However, it is not essential to profess a certain religious belief to practice protective meditation, it is only necessary to trust the results of the procedure.

During the visualization that accompanies protective meditation, the individual can focus his attention on the divinity of his devotion, on the force of Nature, on the Universe, or the connection with his inner self. One of the main advantages of protective meditation is that it is a simple and practical method that can be performed at any time or place. Each spiritual flow has its own rules for working on protective meditation, some techniques may be more difficult than others or focus on aspects such as contact with the divine.

In general, the sequence of the exercise has the following order: relaxation, visualization, and concentration. You can practice sitting or standing, with your eyes closed or open. However, beginners are advised to start meditation exercises seated and with their eyes closed to facilitate concentration and relaxation. To begin the practice of protective meditation, sit in a quiet place (it can be on the floor or a chair, the important thing is that you feel comfortable during the exercise).

Put your hands on your knees or thighs close your eyes and start breathing slowly focusing on your breathing. Let your thoughts pass without concentrating on them. Once you reach the state of relaxation, begin to visualize the formation of a sphere of light around you that surrounds you from head to toe.

Typically, the display corresponds to white light but you can add a color that represents protection for you or makes you feel safe and protected. When the sphere is complete, focus your attention on the recreated figure, visualize it more and more luminous and more solid, able to resist the possible intrusion of any type of negativity.

Consolidate the image, turn your attention to the breath and visualize how the brightness of the sphere is absorbed by each inspiration, instilling power. Once the sphere has melted, slowly open your eyes and return to the usual tasks. Practice the exercise whenever it is necessary to strengthen your safety or feel surrounded by negativity (gossip, envy, slander). Over time, you can perform protective meditation at any time and even project the ball of light onto your loved ones you wish to protect.

This post was published on April 30, 2020 6:38 am

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