Raguel Archangel of justice, fairness, and harmony


Raguel is considered the Archangel of divine justice and divine harmony, the name Raguel Means The Perfect Friend of God. The Archangel Raguel permanently watches over the other angels and Archangels in order to make them aware of the way they perform divine missions which have been entrusted to them by God. At the same time, this Archangel ensures the general harmony of all the celestial hierarchies and makes possible their perfect integration, so that they are able to carry out the almighty will of God at all times.

Furthermore, the Archangel Raguel is endowed with a divine power, which was conferred on him at a certain moment by God, to give exemplary punishment to the fallen angels. Who had turned into demonic or even satanic entities due to their disobedience and their selfish revolt against God and the Divine Order? All of this happened when Lucifer rebelled against God’s will.

Raguel Protector of Oppressed Human Beings

Traditionally, the Archangel Raguel is considered the protector and supporter of all human beings who have suffered injustices. And also an advocate of people who are necessarily tested by God through some spiritual tests. Taking these aspects into consideration, it can be said that if invoked firmly, with faith and hope, the Archangel Raguel will help human beings in a providential way. And he will again show divine justice and harmony in all situations where these human beings have suffered injustices.

In esoteric Christianity, which in some secret treatises of Kabbalah, hints at a very important aspect regarding the role of the Archangel Raguel in restoring divine justice and harmony on earth. Which has especially to do with the end of various catastrophic events such as those that are about to happen and many others that are cryptically described in the Apocalypse of the Apostle John. The identification, made by initiates and some sages, of the Archangel Raguel as the sixth angel is almost unanimous.

The presence of the Archangel Raguel in our inner universe, when invoked, triggers a powerful enthusiastic manifestation, which is also friendly in a high way. Archangel Raguel is always happy to help us, full of altruism and Divine Love. It causes ineffable divine energy to be poured into our being, which manifests itself especially when we most need inner divine support, beneficial strength, and creative support.

Raguel Faithful Friend

In this way, we human beings, discover with pleasure that we have in the Archangel Raguel a faithful and excellent friend, an exemplary divine representative, a spiritual adviser full of wisdom and at the same time a healer of the soul. Through the divine help he offers us, we thus reach a state of harmony and perceive the appearance of a much better state of collaboration within the groups in which we are integrated and which are beneficially oriented.

The Archangel Raguel can be successfully invoked to resolve various conflicts in a harmonious way, full of wisdom because he is unanimously recognized as the honest and impartial defender of human beings who suffer injustices. In relation to these aspects, we should not forget even for a moment that to benefit from this help always and freely, it is necessary to ask for his help first.

For this, we should remember one of the fundamental Divine Laws that were revealed to us humans by Jesus Christ. Ask and it will be given to you – seek and you will find – knock on the door and it will be opened to you. To understand this law well, we must understand that no angelic entity nor Archangel intervenes in our existence to help us if we do not ask them to help us. Although there are some exceptions.

This exception occurs when within ourselves we still ask God for help, even if not consciously. And this is the reason why even if we are not invoking the help of some Archangel, they are the same explicitly in charge of helping us, inspiring us, and guiding us.

This Archangel is prodigious in resolving conflicts between couples and between friends. If you have had an argument with someone
and you want to put an end to the disagreements, ask Raguel to intervene.

Raguel Prayer

Archangel Raguel, I ask for your intervention in my relationship with [name of the other person involved] to bring us both to a level of peace and harmony.
I am grateful to you for your help in settling our differences with love and a spirit of cooperation.
I appreciate the forgiveness we grant to each other.
I know that God’s will is eternal peace and, as a child of God, I am
aware that we are both the embodiment of that peace.
I ask you to help us live that truth, now and forever.
In peace and with gratitude, I thank you.

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