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Raphael Archangel Divine Healer

Raphael the Archangel confers the gift of healing and teaches how to heal ourselves through love and joy. He allows healing to be found in nature and universal energies. The name Raphael means divine healer or God heals. It is from him that all healing comes, and being the messenger of Divine Providence, it is always he who guides those who are in search of unity. He confers the essential and definitive healing of evil of all sorts, the return to the divine source. Raphael intervenes to save our body, our mind and our heart, he alleviates our suffering. He guides our steps towards authentic therapists who can really do something for us. And when we actually take our healing, he encourages the potential healer in us.

The Archangel Raphael is responsible for the healing of the Earth and its inhabitants. He is the one who watched over Abraham’s healing after his circumcision, and it was always he who entrusted Moses with the herbarium that allowed him to cure all diseases. In the Old Testament it is told of how Raphael restored sight to Tobia’s father, thanks to an ointment produced by the gall bladder of a gigantic fish. Raphael is quoted as protector of the evening winds, Guardian of the Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden, Angel of penance, prayer, love, joy and light. But above all he is the Angel of healing, of science, of knowledge and grace, which watches over the whole of humanity.

Raphael teaches that perfect health exists when love totally fills the heart, the mind, the whole body. A person full of love is never sick. If the illness touches however such a person is a sign of a lack of love, because of sadness, anger, jealousy, resentment or a negative feeling that must be identified, understood and replaced with love.

Love is enough to get healing. When two or more hearts unite in the same desire, God acts more and can only fulfill that desire. Love is much stronger than fear, but it is more difficult to generate than every atom of our being. Sometimes men even fear love. When we desire something, we must be convinced that this thing has already been realized, relate to it as if it had already been accomplished. This denotes total trust in the choice we have made, in personal transformation, so nothing can stop the fulfillment of desire. If we show constant trust and love, everything becomes possible, provided we have the necessary discernment in selecting our desires and our needs.

In our search full of hope and desire for healing, even so, with our wounded minds and hearts, we approach Raphael’s luminous wings and can access the divine goodness. Raffaele will try permanently to guide us towards greater unity and harmony. It is sufficient that we pray with all our heart to orient ourselves towards the only true doctor, God.


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