Raziel Archangel Prince of the Cherubim Angels

Raziel Archangel Power of and , His Name means is my pleasure. In fact, this Archangel inspires the pleasure of seeking and knowing . The path to Self- is intended to lead us to understand the One. ruled by Raziel leads us to desire and therefore to find delight in spiritual research itself. At the apex of the angelic Hierarchy the Archangel Metatron represents the total and invisible will that lies at the origin and at the end of all things. But when this Will must be manifested in the concrete it is expressed through the of Raziel, who has the face of and Wisdom. His gives man the he seeks before mysteries: from the answers we ask about the cause of a disease or self- behavior, to those about universal truths.

According to Tradition, when, after the fall from Eden, Adam (humanity) went to meet the disease, Raziel offered him the book of herbs and medicinal recipes. This Archangel, which visibly applies the invisible will, represents for human beings the comprehensible and revealing aspect of , the one to whom we must discover essential discoveries. He is the enemy of ignorance that tramples the cosmic rules and his is aimed at nullifying everything that hinders the Divine Work and hinders human evolution. But the human path to can be tiring and painful.

In the drive of to elevate us to the High, in fact, there is a fracture between us and what is located down (that is, the material basis in which we are rooted); this can free a force and conflagrate in a crisis that generates . Yet, beyond appearances, this may not be just an evil, but the spy of a deeper need: precisely the consequence of a boost of elevation in relation to the most material level in which one is immersed. On this level Raziel can certainly represent a aspect; but only of all that which is deceptive because it is multiple: perverse as it obscures the perception of .

In a sense, darkness converges on darkness precisely because the Light re-emerges. Invoked, Raziel facilitates this journey by illuminating the road: guiding, granting wisdom and , and inducing to apply, with within society, the acquired through his own personal experiences of . He is in fact the Initiator, the permanent spark destined one day to light up our conscience; the vector instrument of the desires to know, the one who directs them and instills in them the will. As such it also has the task of giving the providential reward to the efforts of the researchers.

By invoking it, those in search of will obtain it, provided they have a sincere and moral aspiration. When it is obtained, the gift of of Raziel is not revealed through the active intelligence of thought, but is expressed in direct and sudden intuitive revelation, with the gift of revelation or mystical illumination. Raziel exhorts us to use our intuition to be in harmony with the higher consciousness that lies beyond the teachings to which we are attracted. Its action causes meaning and feeling to generate a powerful vibration in the body and in the mind: a resonance that makes it directly experience , harmony and truth to awaken completely.

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