Recrimination is a manifestation of helplessness

Recrimination is a manifestation of helplessness as if we communicate to live that we are unable to do something and then complain about the negative outcome. Mankind is a champion of recrimination and is unable to realize how much this attitude represents a row against oneself.

Recrimination and Positive Thinking

Positive thinking positively nourishes our conscience, shaping it and forging it in such a way that it can grasp the beauty of life present in every moment. And to make this happen, we need to create the right conditions, always starting from the moment we are living.

The best is yet to come because we are destined to be fine. And even if it cannot be demonstrated, I do not perceive any other modality than this. I can’t be completely sure as my human nature doesn’t allow me to. But the experience so far has given me a direction that allows me to understand the point of arrival having always clearer the starting point.

When I say that the best is yet to come, I imagine disorientation in the faces of the listener. As if they were displaced in their way of seeing things, given their habit of conversing in the negative. However, the positive effects do not take long to manifest themselves, since this resonates deeply, making a little more trust emerge in others.

Let’s not expect great things, maybe they will also come and magically solve all our troubles. But in anticipation of this, no more recriminations and instead we begin to build bridges. Because life is a canvas, and where this canvas is interrupted there is sickness and malaise, it is, therefore, worth reversing the course.

To make this happen we need to cultivate what unites no ifs and buts, these are the bridges I am talking about. Bridges that are able to make us see further, making us perceive that the best is yet to come, but above all to become aware of it.

It costs nothing to say that the best is yet to come, leaving aside all the fears that trigger vicious circles from which one does not come out with pessimism. I understand that attachment to the negative can be difficult to abandon, but the possibilities that a consciousness oriented towards beauty can give are endless.

To change is tiring, but it is even more difficult to persevere in the crystallization of what, only in appearance, cannot change. So let’s get busy there is a world to discover. And if we are supported by a little trust it will be a beautiful journey, because energy follows thought, if anyone ever forgot it.

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