Rehael Guardian Angel Born from 4th to 8th October


Rehael Guardian Angel has considered the Angel of filial respect understood as the harmony between children and parents, who are able to transmit values ​​and respect without impositions. This attitude of love and mutual respect in the family teaches us to look at every living being with equal respect.

The name of the Guardian Angel Rehael means God who welcomes sinners. The divine Essence is Respect, a gift and virtue dispensed, as Guardian Angel in the days from 4 to 8 October

Rehael Angel of Filial Respect in the five days given by tradition acts as Birth Angel, stimulates our sentimental and emotional activities, giving respectively to those born in these days.

April 29 – ingenuity
July 13 – imagination
September 25 – associations
December 6 – fidelity
February 15 – fashion

Respect is not to be confused with acquiescence or submission, but with frankness and the ability to express one’s thoughts with honesty, emotional intelligence, and courage.

Rehael Guardian Angel has the task of saving what can be saved by healing the suffering of the body and soul, transforming evil into good by granting divine grace.

Rehael instills the power to nurture paternal and filial love by supporting all those who decide to help to direct those who are ready to awaken so that good may reign on Earth.

Rehael Guardian Angel of Filial Respect

The prodigious activity of the Guardian Angel Rehael influences with his essence, his virtues and his powers all his proteges and anyone who asks for support, in the days and minutes of his presence.

  • Great sensitivity and receptivity
  • Opening of consciousness that generates a profound understanding
  • Respect for the Hierarchy
  • Ability to listen to others
  • Fatherly love, obedience, and respect
  • Regeneration

Rehael Guardian Angel cancels the defects of the Angel of the Abyss that opposes the actions of him, it represents.

  • Insubordination, rebellion
  • Lack of receptivity and openness
  • Hypersensitivity or insensitivity
  • Difficulty listening to others is too self-centered
  • It imposes obedience with cruel severity
  • Mental illnesses and emotional problems
  • Anxiety, distress, depression, suicide

Rehael PrayerPsalm 30 verse 11

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