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Rehael Guardian Angel Born October 4 to 8

Rehael guardian angel opens in the first person, together with his legions, the path from which everything that does not conform to Divine Thought falls into the Abyss. For this reason, according to Kabbalah, Rehael Angel has the function of saving what can be saved. Kabbalah also specifies that Rahael heals the sufferings of the body and soul, transforming Evil into Good.

Rehael guardian angel dominates health and regeneration by granting healing from mental illness and obtaining divine grace, it also has the specific power to nurture paternal love and filial correspondence. This guardian angel especially supports all those who announce the evils caused by the distance from the divine law. That is, those who decide to speak to help, correct errors, to push their fellowmen to awaken, and so that Good reigns on Earth.

Furthermore, the dominant quality of people under the influence of Rehael guardian angel will be frankness, the work will direct them towards the field of communications: from public relations, to journalism, to art. Those protected by Rehael who calmly rely on his influence will find their sentimental completion in daily life, to the point of living an extraordinary love story.

They will also be receptive and respectful of hierarchies, certainly not in the servile sense but in the positive sense of trust and love. In fact, the gift of respect is loyalty and non-compliance, it means basing relationships on the ability to express one’s thoughts with courage and honesty.

Rehael Angel of Respect

Rehael urges us to invoke the power of his angelic energy, which is appointed to transmute evil into good and therefore grants this power to the person. Searching for the best qualities within oneself, like going to the true incorruptible nature of the diamond, is only one of the ways of enhancing Beauty, a deep need in the instinct of these born. In the actions of life this angel exhorts to make pure water be born from the infected waters, fighting all corruption.

Whoever is born under this influence will be aware of the need for the regeneration of matter in order to increase spirituality. He will feel unselfish love for all the men of the earth, who he considers as children of God. He will make exceptional cures by laying hands or even mentally, through prayers or emanations of positive thoughts. His truth will be eternal, fulfilling the karmic mission of overcoming the wicked along with his guardian angel.

You will always be studying ways and means to end evil. He will believe in miracles and that they happen by divine mercy. Your optimism will be contagious and you will always be well with everyone. He will be high, strong, participant and convinced that man can overcome obstacles by using intelligence. You will have adoration for your children and you will certainly do everything to see them formed and rooted in life.

Rehael guardian angel of people born between 4 and 8 October

According to certain currents of the Kabbalah, these days in October are among the most risky to be born in. People protected by this angel Power must always fight against a current that seems to want to push them against the rocks of illusion, emptiness, even evil – and which is represented by the particular position of the letter ayin in their angelic name.

Many of them manage to counteract it just enough to do nothing, and to stay where they started all their lives: they never leave the house where they were born, or they inherit their father’s job and add nothing new to it. , as in fear that some tragic trap will swallow them as soon as they try to deviate from what was already known before them.

Others try, and really get lost: the current carries them too quickly for them to be able to seize the right opportunities, events drag them along without anything they want to be able to consolidate or become completely clear.

Rehael Prayer – Psalm 29:11 Audivit Dominus et misertur est mei, Dominus factus est adiutor meus

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