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Reiyel Guardian Angel Born August 13 to 17

Reiyel gives liberation which leads to shaking off everything that harms us, because it does not belong to our true being. To unleash our deepest essence to make it flourish in its own light, without letting ourselves be conditioned by the judgments of others and by our prejudices. Reiyel Guardian Angel ceremoniously pervades people with a desire for spirituality aimed at turning them into protagonists of the Cosmic Work. They will thus become models to be imitated, whose value will be recognized and emulated. In fact, when Reiyel is dominant his energies bring confidence.

Similarly, the subject who recognizes the power and internalizes the energy of this Angel begins to trust better in himself and to make his qualities manifest. In the days and hours of Reiyel regency, the price of gold rises on the stock exchange, raising the price of this metal that symbolizes the sun and informs the energy of Reiyel, but also its characteristic of making the value of the protected person.

In addition to giving the individual the security of being protected from all enemies, both visible and invisible, Reiyel dominates philosophy and religion: the Traditional Text says that such domination over religious sentiment establishes a bridgehead in people’s conscience, which in this way they understand the voice that comes from God. Therefore the person will be able to establish an indissoluble bond with the power of his Angel, and if he invokes it, his conscience will communicate institutionally what he must do to succeed, even without giving the reasons, arming it against errors that lead to unhappiness.

Whoever is born under this influence will be distinguished by his qualities, by his zeal to propagate the truth and to destroy the false and slanderous writings. His conduct will be exemplary, he will love truth, peace, justice, tradition, freedom, and silence. He will follow the divine rules according to his conscience and will lead charitable or mystical associations, with the motto of non-corruption.His existence on Earth is going through a very high level, which can be noticed when he does not know why, he returns to the right path, from which he should never have walked away. The reward for your effort will be an excellent renewal of life and the release of negative karmic bonds. Your life is an exaltation, enlightened through your spiritual choice. You should be careful not to create guilty feelings about family problems, for everyone is going through a lossless, but renewing evolution. Her house will always be clean, tidy, adorned with flowers and exuding incense.

Reiyel Prayer Psalm 53:4 Deus, exaudi orationem meam, auribus percipe verba oris mei


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