Rochel 69th Kabbalah Angel Qualities

Rochel 69th Kabbalah Angel urges us to give back to the world what has been given to us, without fear of ever losing. Everything we will try to give back will be donated in abundance again. The qualities developed by Rochel Angel are clarity of vision, honesty, great delicacy, love and paternal respect, respectability, great nobility of heart, vigilance, purity, sense of justice, balance, absolute and profound correctness towards others. Trisaga is the fallen angel who contrasts the works of Rochel Guardian Angel. It represents the thief robbed, causes losses, injustice, legal procedures that end up to the innocent, considerable damage to legal expenses, theft, economic ruin, deviation, misuse of property, errors of assessment, deception.

Rochel 69th Kabbalah Angel Meditation

The meditation associated with Rochel 69th Kabbalah Angel is called lost and found. According to Kabbalah, in fact, this Name provides the most effective meditative tool for those who must find their way back home for all those who go through life with the feeling that what they are in is not their place, or for those moments of life in which one feels lost.


Now, focusing your vision on the Name, without thinking of anything else, breathe letting you permeate deeply and long by its meaning, pronounce this intention: With this Name as a compass my path to my spiritual home is enlightened. I find the orientation. At every step, in every moment that passes, I feel comforted, I find trust and a more firm sense of direction.

Therefore, the task of the people protected by this guardian angel is to seek in themselves without discouragement, the road to their own Beauty, and then indicate the path to others. They are sensitive and perceptive souls, destined to be penetrated by feelings …. to suffer a lot, as well as to be able to access great joys. But they do not fall into the grave errors of countering their sensitivity or turning to low ideals. Their life will soon be filled with emptiness and chaos, afflicted by nostalgia and frustration that will make them rancorous or subject to addictions. Only accepting the gifts of their angel, to offer them fully to their fellow men, will make their souls fulfilled and happy, firm in their return to their home … Joy.

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