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Rochel birth angel, personality traits influence

Rochel birth angel influences the person with the desire to be useful for personal and other growth, which leads people to direct their special perception especially towards the qualities and aspirations we have lost, and even forgotten, to help us recognize them and find them. Life usually instructs them abundantly in this regard, through unpleasant experiences. The attempt to escape their task, or get too absorbed, are both sources of risk.

The first for the alienation it produces in them, the second because their concern for others can push them to put themselves in the background, sometimes allowing someone to take advantage of them, exploit them, send them. And when later they realize it, they must make considerable efforts to find their way back and their self-confidence.

That’s when they learn how to do it. As soon as they begin to collect, ties of dependence collapse that until recently seemed to have imprisoned them forever, psychosomatic problems that express the unhappiness of their too submissive ego disappears.

The moment of rebirth, therefore, coincides with restitution to oneself, whether one has succeeded in loosening the bonds of a suffocating relationship, or of a depressing work relationship, or of adherence to values ​​that contrast with their sensitivity, or of some kind of vice that makes you unhappy.

The latter in which people influenced by Rochel’s birth angel, who reject the gifts of their guardian angel, with its symbolism of fading, removing lucidity, can end up being a very symbolic opposite of the clear vision that is among the most precious gifts.

When the personality of the person protected by the Rochel birth angel is reborn, instead of the excess of indulgence towards oneself (which in the end crumples them into a sense of guilt of which they cannot see the origin) or of a kind of excess of generosity towards others, a severe sense of justice takes shape in them, the need to expose guilty parties and defend the victims.

It may happen then that they become fearsome straighteners of wrongs and deviated destinies. In politics, they have everything they need to become famous as destroyers of oppressive status quo or aged ideologies

Rachel birth angel influences these days as a guardian angel
From 1 to 5 March
January 5
March 17th
May 30
August 13th
October 25
Every day from 10.40pm to 11.00pm.

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