Sachiel Archangel Money Prayer

Sachiel represents opulence, majesty, wealth, physical well-being, prestige, money. Sachiel is very generous and does not disdain to help humans achieve well-being. If in the destiny of a man wealth is considered harmful to his spiritual evolution, if poverty is a test that must overcome because wealth has lived badly, there will be no supplication or invocation that will move Sachiel or any other Angel. Only the person with his will, overcoming the trials he will encounter on his path, will be able to change his destiny.

Sachiel and his Angels are the careful dispensers of energy-money since money as blood is real lifeblood. Its circulation must take place in a balanced manner, as for all fluids within the human body, without stagnation, without deficiencies, and without bleeding.

Today very few know the existence, is often depicted with a cornucopia from which pours on the planet and its inhabitants, rose petals and gold coins. In fact, it is a dispenser of fortune, an abundance of wealth in all its aspects, in money, in agricultural crops, the majesty of the rulers, the splendor of the temples and the residences, the prestige.

His presence instills hope, well-being, helps fight depression, sadness, discomfort. Sachiel Archangel bestows gifts according to laws that are incomprehensible to us but within precise limits set by karma. Poverty or wealth are trials to be overcome, and each living being is free to choose how.

We humans do not understand that there is a precise design even in the winnings of the billionaire lotteries. At the very moment when the winning ticket is printed, already invisible wires begin to connect it to its lucky owner, wherever it is … The sudden wealth will be an important test for him, the good or bad use that will make money will mark, indelibly, his destiny.

It is not true that money is connected to the devil, but it is instead a solidified form of energy and as such can be used in a positive or negative way. Money, like blood, is real lifeblood that must flow smoothly and harmoniously, without deficiencies, without stagnation or hemorrhage.

The energy-money must flow freely among all peoples, this too is part of the New Age‘s purpose in which just and right human relations must be extended and consolidated among all men; in this colossal work, Sachiel Archangel assists us and puts us to the test. In its highest aspect, the presence of Archangel Sachiel awakens solidarity, generosity and altruistic spirit in the human heart.

Sachiel is the patron of bankers, administrators, money changers, stockbrokers, accountants, politicians and all those who work to improve the economic level of humanity. Unfortunately, it has not met a lot of understanding on the part of the humans who try to hoard without giving anything back, but with the new ability to understand, there is still a lot of space to collaborate. Symbolically it is a bearer of fertility and acts on the Earth by covering it with herbs, flowers, and fruits. He is also the guardian of the animal kingdom to which he ensures fertility and well-being.

Sachiel Prayer

Archangel Sachiel, I address my prayer to you,
can satisfy my right desire for money.
I want it for …. (say the reason)
not because I am eager for luxury, or because I want to live above my normal possibilities. Archangel of money, make possible and materialize my desires, send me the good fortune that I will share with those who need it!

This post was published on February 8, 2020 12:50 am


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  • Please Archangel Sachiel visit me and bless me with massive wealth, direct people that will be needing help towards my direction and i will fulfil every of your instructions, i refused to suffer in hardship again even from this moment im writing this mail, please don't forsake my good humble request, Amen.

  • Archangel Sachiel where are you right now. I invoke you to come to my aid and supply my needs financially so I will be a source of blessing to others. Please, rescue me from this mess I found myself.

  • Please Archangel sachiel I ask for help from you ,please pour me with abundance of money to open a business ,make money flow to me in daily basis I plenge to use the money for good

  • Archangel Sachiel, I implore you to come to my aid. I work hard but fortune seems to evade me. Please shower me with your blessings that I may be able to bless those who come to me for assistance. That I may not find my self in financial mess again.
    Please hear my plea and come to my assistance.

  • Archangel sachiel, please I am calling you to come to my sis and rescue me from poverty and disgrace, I am a hard-working man but I earned nothing from it please help to over the poverty in my life, poverty make my life become miserable no money to cater for my children.
    So that I can also help those who need help.

  • Archangel Sachiel I ask you please to help my son with a legal problem , that he won’t lose his license when he goes to court. I ask you also for help with our financial problems at this time and to help us be financially abundant. Thankyou so much.

  • Archangel sachiel I met so many time with archangel Michael whenever I m in trouble he always come and help me within second.
    And today I have loose my all hope about money because 4 month back I shifted in another flat I haven't paid advance my money did not came it's almost 4 month I haven't paid my rent land lord is saying I have to leave this place now I don't have any path to go I surrender my self to archangel Michael to guide me and within few second I read about you please archangel sachiel help me with 3lac rupees now I really really need you and your help and I have faith on you that you will help me.
    Thankyou archangel sachiel
    Thankyou archangel sachiel
    Thankyou archangel sachiel

  • Archangel Sachiel in the time of my live where I been living in stack, where no matter I work hard, my life is constant sadness, please help me whit the financial I need to pay all my debt, have a permanent place where I can live in peace and waiting for God when my time is done in these Earth,and help others in need amen amen amen
    Thanks thanks thanks

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