Sacred Geometry is a universal language


Sacred Geometry is a beautiful dance of art, science, and spirituality. Expressed in forms and symbols that are powerfully healing and awakening. It is the connection of our body with Our Planet and of our Soul with the Cosmos.

Sacred Geometry is a universal language that describes the inner workings of nature and the intrinsic order of the Universe.
It is the natural measure that unites all forms of life from microbes, to plants, from animals to humans to the motions of the planets and stars.

Sacred Geometry demonstrates how different elements can be organized into a whole while retaining their individual uniqueness.
Everything has an underlying geometric pattern that connects it to the Cosmos. It symbolizes the relationship between form, movement, space, and time.

Everything that appears solid in the world is actually in a state of vibration. Nature is abuzz with pulses, oscillations, wave motions, rhythms, and cycles in a vast spectrum of universal energies, all of which can be defined as vibration and frequency. The frequency can be expressed through the number and the number through the shape which is geometry.

Sacred geometry is the constant

Everything in the world is energy in a constant state of change.
The total sum of the energy in the Universe does not increase or decrease but is continuously transformed from one state to another.
There is no end, only change. The end of one cycle marks the beginning of another.

Sacred geometry is the constant amidst an ongoing process of change. Our physical bodies are in a state of constant change. Each atom of each molecule is continuously modified and replaced.

The DNA molecule is generally considered to be the vehicle of continuity. However, the information to be replicated is not encoded in the physical DNA molecule. Or the elements of carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, and nitrogen that make up the DNA, because they too are continually modified and replaced.

The vehicle of continuity is a geometric spiral (helix) that provides an invisible pattern on which DNA is structured. The spiral is based on archetypal geometric proportions that existed prior to the physical state. It is these invisible geometric proportions of the spiral that are responsible for the replicating power of DNA.

Similarly, the process of photosynthesis in plants occurs because the geometry of the carbon, hydrogen, magnesium, and nitrogen elements of the chlorophyll molecule is organized in a twelve-fold harmonic arrangement. These same elements in any other arrangement will not transform radiant energy into a vital substance.

What can Sacred Geometry do for you?

If you work in graphic design, or any other type of design work, awareness of sacred geometric patterns will help you train your brain to see patterns and improve your design and skills. Studying sacred shapes and patterns could give you some great ideas for your next project.

The left hemisphere of our brain tends to be the more logical, technical side, while the right is typically the creative and intuitive side. For most of us, one side of the brain is usually dominant.

The nature of Sacred Geometry involves both sides of the brain and helps them work together. This can make you more effective in life in general.

You can use the symbols of Sacred Geometry as an aid to meditation, this will increase your connection with the Universe and make you more receptive to its messages.