Sealiah Guardian Angel Born November 3 to 7

Sealiah administers the energies of the Sun is therefore a fully solar angel that gives energy and vitality, health and long life to all under his divine influence. Through his intervention the sick person can heal, the one in a poor family can get rich, those who are marginalized, degraded, humiliated, can be elevated, what is sterile can become fruitful. We need to pray Sealiah to support us and make us participate in a force for which the has defined this Guardian Angel Engine of the Universe. With his help, can turn their impulses to good; their projects can be realized and in turn can awaken in other dormant enthusiasms. Sealiah transforms into living expressions of moral force, that is to say in pillars suitable to support the .

Sealiah is the Angel who instills in us wisdom, so that our conscience expresses goodness, righteousness. The will of the person will express goodness and love wherever it will be present and operative, any difficulties will be easily overcome. The person will be the incarnation itself of the hopes of every species, the one who announces the improvements, the progresses, the positive changes. The subject will be an important actor in a human work; it will be the visible head of the Virtues (or of the defects, if it is taken by the corresponding Angel of the Abyss of his time). The values ​​of the Company will stand out in him, and perhaps he will aspire to be a performer, acting as an actor, acting in films or theatrical texts that dare to put their finger on social wounds.

Anyone under this influence will be tied to details and their home can be decorated with miniatures, statuettes or small tables of great taste. Your garden will have abundant vegetation, sheltering small animals. You will always have money for your needs and the word crisis will not exist in your vocabulary. Endowed with a prodigious culture, he will share his knowledge and experiences with those who have ideals similar to his own. By uncovering your spiritual truth, you will be able to produce impressive modifications in your neighborhood or community. He will study the Holy Scriptures and discover the true laws of Jesus. He has a gift to make mysterious revelations through the oracles, dreams, or premonitions. By the greatness of his earthly works, he will be able to increase his light and his bond with the cosmic angels. His role on earth will be to teach society to discover that the power lies in a plane of light that we are allowed to know. It is in charge of resurrecting the Christ that exists in each one of us.

Sealiah Prayer – Psalm 93:18 Si dicebam: «Motus est pes meus», misericordia tua, Domine, sustentabat me

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