Sefirot the ten basic principles of life


Sefirot correspond to important metaphysical concepts, to real levels within the divinity. Furthermore, they are also associated with the practical and emotional situations that each of us goes through in daily life. There are ten basic principles, recognizable in the disordered and complex multiplicity of human life, capable of unifying it and giving it meaning and fullness.

They are connected by twenty-two channels, three horizontal – seven vertical and twelve diagonals. Each channel corresponds to one of the twenty-two letters of the Hebrew Alef-Bet.

The Tree of Life is the program according to which creation took place and is the descent path along which souls and creatures have reached their current form. It is also the path of ascent, through which the whole of creation can return to the goal for which everything yearns. It is also Jacob’s ladder (Genesis 28).

Along with it the angels and the multiple forms of awareness that animate creation, go up and down continuously. The awareness of human beings also rises and falls along with it. Through the Tree of Life, we ​​get the energetic nourishment present in the divine light fields surrounding creation.

This nourishment flows and descends along with the series of channels of the sefirot, thinning and dividing, until it reaches the creatures, who need it to sustain themselves in life. Finally, along the Tree of Life, the prayers and thoughts of those who seek God and who wish to explore ever vaster and more perfect realms of Being rise.

Sefirot the ten powers of the soul

Keter (crown) – Keter is Divine Will and the source of all joy and pleasure. Keter contains all the powers that activate the soul.

Chochmah (wisdom) – Chochmah is an intuitive understanding and intuitive knowledge. It is also what distinguishes and creates.

Binah (understanding) – Binah is the analytical and synthetic power of the mind. It is the source of the logical analysis.

Da’at (knowledge) – Da’at is the accumulation of what is known. It is the synthetic ascertainment of the facts and the crystallization of consciousness in terms of conclusions.

Chesed (loving-kindness) – Chesed is the irrepressible impulse to expand. It is the source of love, the inclination towards things, and what it gives of itself. The biblical personality associated with Chesed is Abraham.

Geburah (strength) – Gevurah is moderation and concentration. It is the withdrawal of forces towards the interior and the energy source of hatred, fear, terror, justice,

moderation, and control. The biblical personality associated with Gevurah is Isaac.

Tiferet (beauty) – Tiferet is harmony, truth, compassion, and beauty. It is the balance of the powers of attraction and repulsion. The biblical personality associated with Tiferet is Jacob.

Netzach (victory) – Netzach is the source of conquest and the ability to overcome. And the desire to do things. The biblical personality associated with Netzach is Moses.

Hod (splendor) – Hod is persistent or withholding. And the power to repudiate obstacles and to persevere is also the source of humility. The biblical personality associated with Hod is Aaron.

Yesod (foundation) – Yesod is the vector from one thing or condition to another. it is the power of connection and the ability or willingness to build bridges, make connections, and relate to others. The biblical personality associated with Yesod is Joseph.

Malkuth (Kingdom) – Malkhut is sovereignty, rule, and final grip. It is the realization of the potential and the Divine Presence. The Biblical personality associated with Malkhut is David.