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Sehaliah Angel Healing Prayer (cardiac disorders)

Sehaliah Angel God of Light, engine of dormant wills. Lord who mobilizes the divine action. Listen, O LORD, the faint beat of my heart. Renew my blood, because this time a new system of values ​​orientates my life towards God. Sehaliah Angel I followed wrong paths. Human pride had driven me into the lands of Oblivion. I was great and powerful in material things, but how small was my soul! I imposed silence on the voice that came out of my heart, a true and luminous voice. I made my conscience blind to the light, and thus I closed the door to heaven, while at the same time opening the door to the abyss. I interrupted the spiritual flow that mobilized the humanity of my being for high goals.

Lord Sehaliah I wanted to become a happy and lucky man, in reality I lost what is best, essential in life. The relationship with God, with my inner God. Pride, arrogance, anger have caused illness, pain to take root in me, and as my inner light went out, I became more and more sensitive to pain. This physical pain was needed to get up my eyes to Te Lord. Aware of my defeat, I hope my voice rises to You. Listen to my Prayer. Grant me your divine essence. Give me your liquid healing fire to drink.

If you make my soul penetrate energy and cosmic strength, my body will regain its strength and change. I will change old wrong habits, with new ways of acting, with the impulse of Your love. I will remove from my life the deceptive buzz of material goods to find in the silence and in listening, the echo in me of Your divine voice. Again I will listen, Lord, to the beat of the renewed impulse that will take me to the Father, Lord of all Creation, with a clear and unequivocal existence, present in everything and everyone.

If it was my behavior, my attitudes, that filled this Chalice with pain, offer me the bitter nectar and I will drink it to the last drop. When I have understood and accepted the pain with the heart and the intelligence, then, Lord, free my soul so that the anguish that the rode vanishes, because only the memory remains of the pain, to move me away from the temptation to fall again in the same mistakes.

Lord Sehaliah that Your voice resounds in my conscience to inspire me, that Your Light safeguards me from every moral catastrophe, that modesty and humility in my human attitude are the engine of my spirituality. Come Lord, pour into me. With your grace, let my life become active towards God. If the night once again descends into my soul, if the boat of my life is still stuck in the swamps of passions, be for me Sehaliah Angel the blissful wind that swells my sails and leads me to duty. Don’t let me fall into the mud of the passions that imprison the mind. Lord, call me, let me act and move. Make me the architect of the divine impulse. So be it.

This post was published on June 17, 2019 7:17 pm

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