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Seheiah Guardian Angel Born August 7 to 12

Seheiah Guardian Angel governs certain forces that come to help protect against all the misfortunes related to the energies of Mars. Seheiah if invoked in adversity prevents traumatic consequences. According to Tradition with the prayer addressed to Seheiah Angel, the person will be protected from accidents. And brought to safety from catastrophic events, it will come out anyway from delicate situations. It will also be the providential person who, with his presence alone, will be able to avert catastrophes.

Seheiah Guardian Angel promotes the divine project through Desire. People born in this period, if they wish, will be able to make this design a humanized and understandable personal project. Consequently they will be widely heard in the profession, on the philosophical level and if they will deal with supernatural questions.

Under the aegis of this angel very influential personalities were born. It is in fact an angel with an energy full of incredible potential, which as we know can be (depending on us!) Aimed at good and evil. The name itself sends us the clear invitation to know them in order to choose where to direct them, that is, to decide.

In other words Seheyah tells the person … you hold a great power, be careful how you use

it. If you act unconsciously you will be able to set in motion destructive forces that can get out of hand, severely hitting you like the world around you. However, if you learn to use them you will be able to have total success and help the world.

Anyone born under this angelic influence will have good sense to act with prudence and wisdom. You will resist everything with dignity and everything in your life will work perfectly. Authentic, true, it can always do well in the most chaotic situations thanks to the brilliant ideas

that suddenly come with the help of the angel.

His spiritual strength is closely linked to the healing angels and even unknowingly helps to improve human suffering. There will always be a word of optimism to help people (especially the family) in any situation of insecurity, since it is always in harmony with all the divine forces. He has a high intuition when it comes to traveling.

Seheiah Birth Angel of people born 7 to 12 August. Other days of the angel’s presence are:
April 17th
July 1
September 14th
November 25
February 4
Every day from 9.00am to 9.20am

Seheiah PrayerPsalm 70:12 Deus, ne elongeris a me; Deus meus, in auxilium meum festina


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