Self-esteem is a light that does not leave us in the dark

Self-esteem is a light that does not leave us in the dark. Thanks to it, it is possible to find the way home where serenity, harmony, and trust in life live. Human growth is inherent in our nature, as for an acorn to become a tree. The human being is like a fountain that releases vital energy from every cell.

If in the course of existence there are traumas, dysfunctional environments, or ill relationships, limestone settles, preventing the fountain from expressing itself in a harmonious and balanced way. There are people who have over-developed cognitive functions to the detriment of effective ones.

Every time we block a part of us, we generate a compensation mechanism that unbalances the proper functioning of the various dimensions of which we are composed. One of the fundamental elements for healthy growth is self-esteem.

Self-esteem represents the value that a person gives to himself and being able to not depend on the approval of others. Those who achieve solid self-esteem can relate starting from a position of equal dignity. Therefore he does not need to submit or hide for fear of being rejected when he expresses the real nature of his feelings and thoughts about her. Furthermore, self-esteem is like a shield that protects from the ignorance and wickedness of others.

In reality, having high self-esteem does not protect life from suffering, injustice, and unhealthy situations, but allows you to stand up or get up quickly because there is a reservoir of confidence in your potential. Self-esteem is like an anti-limestone that restores vitality and balance at various levels – personal, relational, social, and in family life, as a couple, and children’s education.

A family without self-esteem is at risk for the simple reason that any communication exchange can cause hurt, misunderstanding and a sense of personal threat. It is no coincidence that it is precisely during adolescence that the tension between parents and children skyrockets.

Both a child and a parent feel rejected, not understood, opposed or provoked by the behavior of others in a communicative circularity that becomes more and more dysfunctional over time.

This is why it is important to work on the sense of personal self-esteem and of the people close to us. Self-esteem is like a lantern that never leaves us in the dark. Thanks to it, it is possible to find the way home where serenity, harmony and trust in life live.

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