Sensitivity is a rare gift made of intelligence

Sensitivity is a precious gift, the people who possess it are bearers of a good that is not acquired through study, even if it can be refined through experience. In this sense, they have always existed throughout history, and perhaps highly sensitive people will continue to exist. The person with sensitivity possesses an additional wealth that allows him to grasp aspects of reality that escape others, thus incessantly nourishing his humanity. However, while it has been appreciated or at least found space to manifest itself in a society still on a human scale, as well as the pre-industrial one (even with all its undeniable limits), it would seem that today it has become superfluous and that no one regrets its gradual disappeared because the world could very well do without it.

The virtues of the soul most appreciated and praised today are practical intelligence (even if separated from an overall assessment of the problems), determination in pursuing one’s goals (without having too many scruples), self-confidence (regardless of exact assessment of personal value), mental flexibility (pushed to the point of accepting the worst compromises), ease in all circumstances (up to the most questionable forms of exhibitionism and narcissism).

Sensitivity is among the nonessential qualities.

What would the third millennium citizen do to conquer his social space. By carving out its own slice of visibility, of success (also economic), of external gratification? In a world that is not interested in values, but that aims almost exclusively to solve practical problems. What can sensitivity serve? a gift that cannot be spent in quantitative terms?

We forget that sensitivity is the basis of artistic creation, of the intuition of great scientific problems. Above all, it constitutes an indispensable factor for the harmonious coexistence of individuals within a society. Because once deprived of this, each human group continually ends up generating frictions and tensions which are very difficult to control and defuse.

Sensitivity is that gift that pushes a friend to come forward as soon as he feels the existence of a difficulty, which amicably resolves misunderstandings before they degenerate into hateful and prolonged grudges. This puts others at ease in situations where they feel exposed and helpless, which melts old and new tensions in a smile, bringing a delicate note of freshness and lightness. Which opens our eyes to the enchanting spectacle of the world and involves even the most distracted hearts.

Sensitivity is the gentle hand of a woman who adorns a bare room with a vase of flowers bringing a note of color and warmth. Sensitivity is also the right word spoken at the right time, as well as affectionate and participatory silence when there are no words appropriate to the situation. it is knowing how to appreciate small things, small joys, and pass on the secret to others, softening hardness and healing wounds. it is the attitude of delicacy and profound respect with which the ego relates to you, always seeing in it a subject of equal dignity and never a simple means.

This post was published on July 4, 2019 9:33 pm

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