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Sepher Yetzirah study on the genesis of the Universe

Sepher Yetzirah is a study on the genesis of the Universe as the work of a process of divine creation. In which God by contracting his will which is all his infinite (Ain Sof) determines a void which is his word and therefore his active force. Hence the study of the signs with which the divine word is reproduced, those signs with which God engraved the plates of the law on the two stones that Moses had prepared on Mount Sinai.

The origin of these letters is not easy to find. Sepher ha Zohar makes it an allegorical hint where he says that since two thousand years before the creation of the world the letters, and so the numbers, since it is known as the letters of the Hebrew alphabet, in addition to having a sound they also have a numerical value, they were hidden and God contemplated making them his delights.

God created the world by means of ten powers or verbs which are the Sephiroth, plural of Sephira, and also the first ten numbers and can also be the first ten names of God and twenty-two channels that unite them each of which bears the name of one of the signs of Hebrew writing. These are, says the Zohar, the thirty-two wonderful ways of wisdom carved in the air.

The twenty-two letters or signs are called foundation signs and are divided into three categories
Three mother letters (Aleph, Mem, Shin)
Seven double letters (Beth, Ghimel, Daleth, Caph, Pe, Resh, Thau) Twelve simple letters (He, Vau, Zain, Het, Teth, Yod, Lamed, Nun, Samech, Ain, Tsade, Ooph)
In the first group, we receive the idea of ​​the universal and human Trinity which is also found in alchemical symbolism.

But the Sepher Yetzirah alludes mainly to the three parts of the human organism Body, Soul, and Spirit (Nephesh, Ruach, Neschmah). The seven doubles are so-called because they would have a double pronunciation, a property that gives the idea of ​​the number two, that is, the law of opposites.

The text says, seven doubles for pronunciation and permutation
the opposite of life is death,
the opposite of peace is wickedness
the opposite of science is ignorance
the opposite of wealth is poverty
the opposite of grace is ugliness
the opposite of generating sterility
the opposite of power slavery

There is then a correspondence between the seven doubles and the seven planets, and so on
the seven days of the week,
the seven doors of the human organism,
the seven elements,
the seven metals related to the planets and so on.
Important are the seven doors of the human organism (eyes, ears, nostrils, and mouth) which go to join with the other organs identified by the simple twelve.

The last part of the Sepher Yetzirah studies the twelve simple letters whose foundation represents the idea of ​​the zodiac, of the months of the year and the twelve parts of the human organism called drivers (the limbs). This division of the human organism into 3 + 7 + 12 = 22 parts indicates that man is the small reproduction of the universe. The 22 signs of Hebrew writing constitute all the secret faculties of the world as is shown by the 22 major arcana of the tarot.

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