Seraphim Angels Conservatives of Divine Energy

Seraphim Angels are depicted with six wings and surround the throne of God singing without ceasing – Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of hosts: the whole earth is full of his glory – (Isaiah 6: 3).
They are Angels made of love, light and fire. This heavenly voice was so strong that – the doorjambs were shaken – (Isaiah 6: 4). For the ancient wisdom the devas or angels are the 7 Rays, they convey the energies or Thought, which are the specific characteristics that will manifest themselves in the material and creation.

Seraphim is a name that, if understood in its proper meaning, has the task of receiving from the Trinity the great ideas, the purposes of a cosmic system. Seraphim Angels receive the plans, the goals of the cosmic system, they are static conservatives of the uncreated energy; although they do not know what will be the Creative Will, they hold in their hands the primordial energy and make it available when it must be channeled to manifest itself. They are beings that burn with light and heat, the farthest from man, but closer to the source of energy.

The Seraphim Angels are the angelic entities most distant from the human condition because they are closer to the cosmic source. Their name means the ardent, from the term Seraf, whose meaning is burning, set on fire. Name in itself evoking: they are in fact the bearers of Light and of the energies that communicate the fire. They develop latent potentialities and help to express them, leading them to become aware of their role on Earth. They are evoked to reawaken superior qualities and skills.

We can say that it is the Will aspect of the , electric fire, monadic flame, the central Sun, the Adi plane: the highest of the 7 planes of creation. The sound (song) of the Seraphim is the first aspect of the trinity, the Father. From the Seraphim to the Angels we therefore witness the solidification of the Creative Will: the first will be Pure Mirror, the second Custodians and Builders on a physical level.

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