Silence, everything is created in silence

Everything is created in silence: thoughts, words, inner peace and any other form of creativity. By dedicating part of your vital energy to silence, you will achieve inner peace, eliminate tensions and anxieties, recharge your batteries and feel closer to God and to all of humanity. Mother Teresa of Calcutta said about silence: God is a friend of silence. Look at how in nature everything – trees, grass – grows in silence; look like the stars, the moon and the sun move in silence; we need silence to be able to touch souls . Since we were children, we have been used to being surrounded by sounds and noises, to the point that we often find it difficult to accept silence; it is therefore logical that many wonder how it is possible to reach silence in an age like ours, dominated by chaos and sounds.

Through meditation it is possible to feel the s ilence, embrace it and welcome it; in fact, making meditation become a daily practice, silenc e will become more and more familiar and natural. Allow yourself a few minutes every day to sit alone, in silenc e, even if your mind will convince you that it’s just a waste of time. In s ilence, relax and welcome peace; feel how it circulates in your body, reaching, like a lifeblood, to every single cell.

If you have difficulty concentrating during meditation, you can use a sound, like a mantra, to keep your thoughts from breaking into your mind and distracting you. In my yoga class we use the sound “om”, try to repeat it, I assure you that it will help you to let your thoughts go and to feel a great inner peace.

Being in a state of peace and tranquility is very important, because when you are in peace you emanate a very powerful form of energy, which not only protects you from the negativity of other people, but allows you to align your thoughts with your deepest desires and to manifest much faster, the life you so dreamed of.

The manifestation comes from the Spirit, do not be deceived by the ego, which convinces you to inhibit your creativity but, meditate, accept the silence and free the power of manifestation

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