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Simplicity is the heritage of the soul

What is simplicity, life is certainly simpler than it appears to us. But in practice, we are taken as we are by our perception, we fail to grasp how much this corresponds to the true even if unprovable. Basically, it would be enough to comply with what life puts before us, without creating further obstacles, dictated as we are by an ignorant conscience that constantly wastes energy in seeking alternative solutions to the evidence of the facts.

We humans are good at complicating our lives, continually justifying ourselves in front of situations that simply highlight our ability to improve by making contact with our limits. We are like that, we could be better, but we want to do it, with time and the straw medlars also ripen, so we hope to come to their senses by stopping to accept what would be necessary to remove as the mother of all suffering, ignorance.

The human being is complex, varied and eventual, to the point of not realizing that ignorance is the main cause of suffering, yet he defends it with a sword, and if someone dares to point it out he will be accused of making it easy , so not worthy of consideration. Instead life is simple, but due to the fact that we want to remain identified in what we know, or at least we believe that it is so, despite making us suffer, we tend to see the speck in the eyes of others, while the beam that blocks our eyes will be treated like an urban legend.

Simplicity is not yet of this world, too obvious, yet it would take little, a bit of coherence and the recognition of the effects in relation to the causes, making the thoughts follow the actions, instead of thinking one thing, saying another one for then take another one. What does a human being do instead? He prefers to fish in the turbid feeding it, he does not know what to do with clarity, preferring to cultivate the ignorance mentioned above, considered a precious asset to be used for his own use and consumption, believing he is acting on his own illusions in complete freedom.

Simplicity is the patrimony of the soul, a gardener we should trust, a gardener who knows when it is time to prune and to bring greater simplicity into his existence. Well clear. There is a time for everything, understanding its rhythm is the basis of every possible recovery. This is called simplicity.


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