Sitael Guardian Angel Born March 31-April 4

Sitael gives the synthesis of knowledge on the origin of the world to human beings and grants revelations concerning the laws that regulate the universe. It also allows the externalization of those elements of cosmic planning that they have managed to understand. Sitael Guardian Angel represents and regulates the power of expansion by giving the gift of making everything exploit. The under his protection can be bearers of futuristic ideas, simple, clear, bringing enthusiasm and confidence in the . They can become promoters of initiatives, companies or organizations aimed at creating a better . They will be potentially endowed with true idealism, and together with the practical sense necessary to realize their dreams. The influence of Sitael gives great altruism and generosity to others, a great love for the truth in all its forms and in every field.

Whoever is born under the influence of this Guardian Angel, knows that he is very lucky and therefore has the possibility to realize himself financially. He is always active, struggling for his ascension. He can not, from pride, ask favors from anyone; is a solitary battler. It is beautiful both internally and externally and by strong charisma, attracts ’s attention. She breathes life and experiences each day in a special way, not liking the word fate very much, because she finds it very comfortable. He has a high soul and likes to have many friends, to whom he usually gives precious advice. It has a lot of culture easily comprehending all the situations that life gives you.

Usually forgives who try to harm you. Sometimes he shows a little inhibition, without reason, because he knows all the experiences that the world offers. It is a great transformer, protecting and encouraging with new ideas. He has great sympathy and kindness, loves parties, banquets, celebrations, although it is reserved in the way he dresses. He says what he thinks, because he does not know how to be concealed or act in a dubious way. It has many memories of things that were not lived in this incarnation and that usually appear in dream form. The purpose of his personality, which is nothing more than the envelope of the soul, will be his nobility.

Sitael is the third Breath of God, and third angelic ray in the Neptunian Choir of the led by the . Here governs the joyful energies of Jupiter. Its element is Fire; he has a from the 10th to the 15th of Aries and is the Guardian Angel of born from March 31st to April 4th.

Sitael Prayer – Psalm 90:2 Refugium meum et fortitudo , Deus meus, sperabo in eum

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