Spiritual Healing 5 founding principles

Spiritual Healing Principle, Spiritual Oneness, Faith, Speech, Healing Energy. We can consider them, indicatively, as the five founding principles of spiritual healing.

The spiritual principle of healing

Healing works from and on a spiritual plane, completely distinct from the ordinary one. In order to heal, one must access this plane. Jesus worked in perfect integration with this plan, which is why healing comes instantaneously from him. But it is not the man Jesus who heals, it is the principle that does it.

Spiritual healing calls this principle – The Christ

Jesus the man is separated from the Christ-principle. However, Jesus the man is historically the individual who has reached the most perfect integration with Christ. It is Jesus himself who affirms it, he does not say that he is the one who heals, but the Christ, or the Son of Man, or your faith. They are all metaphors for the principle of healing, absolute spiritual power.

Spiritual unity

Healing works from the spiritual plane and can only be activated when there is a spiritual unity when it comes to integration between the individual mind and the Universal Mind. It is at that point that infinite power is conquered because one becomes one with humanity and the universe.

At that point, as Saint Paul says – It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me. This is also the meaning of Jesus’ most powerful affirmation, the affirmation that fills every action of him with power, the highest and most radiant affirmation of healing-I Am.

I Am contains every other Divine Word – I am the Man – I am the son – I am the Father – I am the light of the world – I am the true vine – I am the good shepherd – I am the Way, the Truth, the life. I Am states that the consciousness of being is well above the consciousness of the personality. Personality is the surface, being is the essence.


It is perhaps the supreme teaching of Jesus the Healer. Only faith allows you to heal. And faith must be developed in those who activate the healing and in those who receive the healing. But faith is not a natural condition, it is an optimal condition that must be achieved with the direct will and direct action of change.

Faith implies breaking with habits and beliefs and implies overcoming sin, errors that obstruct the channels for the reception and understanding of the spiritual plan. Faith is won and lost, but one must never stop looking for it. Because it is the true channel of mental and emotional connection between our individual mind and the Universal Spiritual Mind.


In silence, faith is sought, with the word it is required and affirmed. The word is a fundamental healing action when it is affirmed in an assertive way – with authority – in a severe way, and above all when it is sought with prayer.

Prayer, or the spiritual word, is affirmed in silence or aloud. it is the main tool to keep the channel of faith always open and clean, which connects the individual mind to the Universal Mind. And it allows us to access the plane where spiritual healing operates.

Healing Energy

When we reach the spiritual plane, we draw on spiritual energy. Which also from the direct action of Jesus appears as real energy. People touch the cloak of Jesus to receive the energy. When Jesus himself is touched, he feels that a force has come out of him. The very act of placing your hands is a way to channel and release energy from the body.

This healing energy, however, is useful to reiterate, is not found in the body of Jesus. In fact, Jesus heals in different ways, with words, by touching people, at a distance. The energy of healing is the principle of healing, it is the pure, perfect energy of every Good which is the very essence of the universe, of God.

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