Spiritual Law of Abundance, ask for what you want

Spiritual Law of Abundance means love, happiness, joy, success, prosperity, vitality, generosity, laughter, and all the positive things in life. The flow of abundance is directed towards us. But our beliefs, thoughts, memories, and dignity create obstacles to reception.
It is up to us and us alone to remove the beliefs that block our flow of abundance. Love is enjoying all your relationships, knowledge, friendship, understanding, work, study, family.

Spiritual Law of Abundance unlocks your fears

Unfortunately, we block our abundance of love when our beliefs and fears about rejection and evil make us close our hearts. They cause us to cling to unhealthy relationships or to withdraw emotionally. We stop loving when our mind takes over and we see the imperfection of the other. This blocks the flow of love and with love unfortunately blocks everything else as well.

Success is a state of mind, not a particular achievement. True success is a sense of satisfaction and how much you may want economic abundance. The Universe will not carry it until you demonstrate that you are ready to receive and accept it with grace, with joy, with ease.

The spiritual law of abundance is quite simple

If you want more friends in your life, love, and money you need to stop being afraid of responsibilities. Or the commitments that may arise, and in turn begin to commit yourselves also through small works of charity.

Change your fear-based beliefs now that block the flow of friendliness, friendship, work, and money. If you want more happiness in your life, express and experience happiness. This alone will make you feel happier and let you see the flow of happiness.

If you want to have more care and nourishment in your life, remove the barriers that prevent you from receiving and you will send you the right energy and the people around you will automatically give you. Material things flow when one lives in the harmony of thought and has the consciousness of abundance.

Why do people have to go hungry when overabundant foods are allowed to rot in other parts of the world? Why are men so crazy?

(Anne Frank)

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