Spirituality the way to be happy

uality there are three levels that I consider fundamental.
Emotions – Our emotional life has a huge impact on us and therefore it is a fundamental aspect to face in order to live happily.
Mind – The mind is the greatest resource we are endowed with, because everything passes from here and it is with the mind that we can change our lives.
– What has the most important role is the . We can not really transform our lives and be happy without working on our uality.

Often the feelings we do not understand, the dreams that seem to warn us of something, are a way in which these two levels communicate. Our ual part that informs us, advises, advises. Obviously we must not confuse every sensation, often the result of mental schemes, beliefs or fears, with a special message. To connect to our , to this dimension that we do not see with our eyes, is our mind. A dream passes from here, a feeling is worked out from here. Our mind elaborates every external stimulus and this can be a physical stimulus, easy to understand and see, or an immaterial stimulus, much more difficult to grasp, but also more important.

uality – we are and

The ual dimension is very important in our life, the thing that strikes me most is that often, whoever deals with it as a priority, reduces the to the servant of the . The ual paths that are proposed have as their objective, more or less evident, to take advantage of their . The slogan is more and the application of a ual path almost always ends on one of these points:

Improve your working condition.
Having more money and wealth to live better.
Have deeper and sincere relationships with others.
Get the person we want in our life.
Having more health, more strength, more well-being.

Having said that there is something that goes beyond what we see, the question we should ask ourselves is: what role does uality play in our lives?
Does our serve us only to have more each day and to take more pleasure from the things we do? Or is it just a messenger who offers us some valuable advice if we listen to it?

My experience has led me to understand that this is the way to be happy, because the comes before the . It is not that we also have a to be interested in. In reality we are a that also has a . We are that lives a bodily experience, passing through. The is matter, has its duration and will end. The no, has no end and continues beyond our material journey. Usually it happens instead that we give all the importance to the and leave the aside. We see the , we clearly feel discomfort, emotions and problems. What we perceive with our senses is much more immediate and it becomes obvious that we behave in this way.

In a culture like ours, where only what we see, behavior and society matters, there is little space for the . Why, then, should we take a completely different direction and make choices that few, or none, would perhaps understand or accept? Because you want to be happy, and uality has the greatest weight on your . Because the eyes are easily deceived, the appearance influences us to often make mistakes. Because if your ual dimension is strong, even the mind and the become it. first great change, able to transform your life, to realize your personal growth, is to understand that we must overturn the vision we have of our existence.

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