Aleph Vav Mem leads us to contemplate God’s patience

Aleph Vav Mem leads us to contemplate God’s patience while waiting for our intervention to connect the spiritual entities. Between physical reality and the ultimate source of joy in the spiritual dimension. The hope and confidence we find in Psalm 70: 5 are strongly linked to these entities. It is between these two realities, the… Continue reading Aleph Vav Mem leads us to contemplate God’s patience

Resh Aleph Hey Psalm 15: 5, God who sees everything is the only force we can resort to when we are lost and we want to meet again. Similarly, the Name Resh Aleph Hey allows us to do an equal operation with the affections of our life that we had lost, dispersed in the labyrinth of this world.

Reorientation using your vision of things, which is incomparable with ours, means finding the right direction and often also those objects that now we considered lost. As always, this ability is not only available to ourselves but can be put at the service of others.

This means practically having the ability to find the way, to understand what are the right moves to do to find lost affections, to reconcile any situations of conflict. All these thanks to a talent that enlightens all situations, even the darkest and most complex.

On the other hand, if you do not rely on the Light, on the project that drives us inside the maze, then we can spend all our life doing experimentation, at the end still dying inside that labyrinth, where we will also be reborn afterlife. The continued loss of effects and points of reference will result in one loss of orientation.

From this labyrinth or this vicious circle, we will come out only that day when we will accept that we can not come out of it with our strength. That is, we will have to accept our limits, that our vision of things is always partial and often wrong, and that we must turn to God to make us guide.

Because only God sees everything. But we have been created in his image and likeness, and the psalm is remembered. As a consequence, we too can see everything and everything enlighten, discovering that this ability to see everything is within us, but that this ability works only when we put ourselves at the service of the Light. For us and others.

Among the gifts related to Resh Aleph Hey, there are often also those related to clairvoyance. Who will have the ability to put himself at the service of this of the Name Resh Aleph Hey, can also receive this gift, to be able to see what others do not see.

Often we hear from the organs of information of particular people who knew through clairvoyance, indicate places where things had been hidden. Well, it’s very easy for those people to have that dowry because they’re related to this at the 69th Name of God, Resh Aleph Hey.

Aleph Kaf Aleph 7th Name of God Meaning

Aleph Kaf Aleph’s name is very difficult to understand if Jewish traditions are not known because it is linked to a typically cabalistic concept. The 22 consonants that make up the Hebrew alphabet are not just letters, but also numbers, signs, sounds. Consequently, the Bible is the set of books where, starting from Genesis, the works of… Continue reading Aleph Kaf Aleph 7th Name of God Meaning