Principalities Angels Messengers of Heaven

Principalities Angels are the first Choir of the third Angelic Hierarchy. To the third sphere belong those angels who perform the function of messengers of Heaven. They are those who… Read More

Powers Angels drive out the attacks of evil

Powers Angels are the last Choir of the second Angelic hierarchy, their name reveals to us their parity of degree shared with Dominions Angels and with the Virtues Angels. The… Read More

Bene Elohim the seven planetary powers

Bene Elohim (Archangels) represent the seven planetary powers. However, these powers must be able to invoke them they represent a positive and a negative part. At the moment in which… Read More

Archangels Hierarchy in the Christian Tradition

Archangels Hierarchy second choir of the third heavenly hierarchy. Archangels are the most familiar angels in the Christian tradition. Specifically, the Archangel Michael to whom many miracles have been attributed… Read More

Kabbalah and the 72 Names of God

Kabbalah is an ancient tool to implement a great emotional and spiritual physical revolution on itself. The story of Moses and the passage through the Red Sea contains a powerful… Read More

Raguel Archangel of divine justice and divine harmony

Raguel Archangel is considered the Archangel of divine justice, of immanent divine justice, and of divine harmony. His name can be translated as the perfect friend of God. The Archangel… Read More

Angel of hope illuminates our path

Angel of hope illuminates our path along the path of existence. Hope is of fundamental importance in the life of every person, it also makes things that seem impossible possible.… Read More