Guided meditation for freedom from bonds

Guided meditation, it is clear that we can never be truly happy as long as we are too attached to things or people. The fear of losing the love of a person or the possession of a material asset does not allow us to fully enjoy the gifts of life. Whether it is material possessions,… Continue reading Guided meditation for freedom from bonds

Solomon’s Knot Complex Symbol

Solomon’s knot in the complex symbol concealed behind this emblem can be found in at least two significant genealogies of¬†meanings. The first concerns the appearance of the knot following the plot, detectable in the setting of four identical fragments one inside the other. And finally that of the Serpent, not directly found on the symbol,… Continue reading Solomon’s Knot Complex Symbol

Chet Bet Vav 68th Name of God in Kabbalah

Chet Bet Vav Psalm¬†105: 1, is a difficult Name, but there are still people who come into this world with the skills that we will say because this is for them but also for all of us. Our rationality has wanted to build bonds and barriers, and among these, a widespread idea is that the… Continue reading Chet Bet Vav 68th Name of God in Kabbalah