Inner solitude is a transversal experience

Inner solitude is not the simple experience of being alone, but it is that moment of recollection that accompanies moments of deep reflection. It is a transversal experience that accompanies… Read More

Mother’s prayer for the protection of children

Mother's prayer.O Lord, guard under your paternal protection the children whom you have granted me. I know that you love them with a love greater and purer than mine. You… Read More

Rehael kabbalah angel 39th meditation prayer

Rehael kabbalah angel 39th urges to invoke the power of his angelic energy. Rehael guardian angel gives the person the power to transmute evil into good, and also to seek… Read More

Angels Hierarchy custodians of individual destiny

Angels Hierarchy the closest and most familiar to humans since they oversee all their occupations. They are the custodians of the individual entities, human beings and belonging to the plant… Read More

Live intensely every moment of your life

Live intensely every moment of your life. My main goal is to give each reader some of what I learned about guardian angels. To write it I did not rely… Read More