Gabriel Archangel power of fertility and procreation

Gabriel Archangel's power of fertility and procreation. His name means God's strength; God's word, the work of God. Gabriel represents the Holy Spirit (Luke 1: 35), but also the second… Read More

Mikael Guardian Angel Born October 19 to 23

Mikael Guardian Angel gives the inner order, that is the ability to find in itself a balance in which the most varied elements of our essence coexist. Mikael brings to… Read More

The Archangels, guardian of the Earth

Angels and archangels are always with us, they guide us, protect us, help us in every moment of our life. In particular, archangels can be in multiple places simultaneously. This… Read More

Nemamiah Guardian Angel Born January 1 to 5

Nemamiah Guardian Angel represents the Uranian aspect of Mercury's energies. According to the Kabbalistic Tradition, this guardian angel can make anything thrive, and can free the prisoners. The energies of… Read More

Sehaliah Guardian Angel Born November 3 to 7

Sehaliah guardian angel administers the energies of the Sun so he is a completely solar angel, who gives energy and vitality health and long life to all people born under… Read More

Haaiah Guardian Angel Born July 28 to August 1

Haaiah is the energy that makes the judges well-disposed towards our cause and makes us win the process. An affirmation to be interpreted in a philosophical sense. All of us,… Read More

Nelchael Guardian Angel Born July 2 to 6

Nelchael dispenses solar energy through the individual becomes a bearer of justice and order, loves justice and is faithful to the commitments made. According to the traditional text, people protected… Read More

Vehuel Kabbalah Angel 49th Meditation Prayer

Vehuel Kabbalah Angel 49th urges joy, expansion, more authentic tolerance in understanding the unity between us and every other being and thing. Vehuel qualities are generosity of spirit, availability to… Read More

Gratitude attracts positive energy into our life

Gratitude is expressed in joy, pleasure, amazement. The more grateful we are, the more we are flooded with positive energies. Gratitude releases radiant energy like that developed by faith, unconditional… Read More

Taoist meditation cancels negative emotions

Taoist meditation is part of long life techniques originating in ancient China. Masters such as Lao Tzu and Chang San Feng had identified the secrets of the force that flows… Read More

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