Bad thoughts 4 steps to learn how to master them

Bad thoughts steal important energy from our minds, reducing serenity and well-being. Very often our mind is pervaded by bad thoughts that occupy a large part of our daily activity, taking away energy and resources that we could use in other things. Learning to control and banish bad thoughts is certainly useful for reducing the… Continue reading Bad thoughts 4 steps to learn how to master them

Sachiel Archangel Money Prayer

Sachiel represents opulence, majesty, wealth, physical well-being, prestige, money. Sachiel is very generous and does not disdain to help humans achieve well-being. If in the destiny of a man wealth is considered harmful to his spiritual evolution, if poverty is a test that must overcome because wealth has lived badly, there will be no supplication or invocation that… Continue reading Sachiel Archangel Money Prayer

Laziness hides the desire to escape from reality

Laziness is a lack of determination in carrying out an action and can affect anyone. Even if it is not socially well accepted, it can be useful at times. Especially when in front of us there is a heavy task and our resources are objectively few. In this case, laziness is activated to prevent us… Continue reading Laziness hides the desire to escape from reality

Aniel Guardian Angel strengthens in people the will be represented by the energies of the Sun, making them determined, volitive, and integral people. The energy of Mars will manifest itself instead of in the Conscience (governed by the Sun), eliminating the past errors (and the evil that derives from it) and giving the individual a balanced character, devoid of aggressiveness.

Aniel is the angel called to make the divine plan intelligible. However, it is impossible to learn anything without effort and the characteristic of Aniel, closely linked to the severity of the Archangel of his hierarchy, is precisely to guide the evolution through experiences and fatigue.

Aniel therefore aims to make us do a job previously omitted from us; an outcome to which our discreet insistence impels us; and at the same time if invoked he runs to our aid.

Through Aniel the Divine Message will penetrate us intensely and we will take clear conscience if we were partially forgotten. Aniel’s action brings to the world a large number of people with great energy, who is a firm and decisive manner, expose their will within the social structure.

Aniel is in fact also the Angel of great potential; with his help, people can reach celebrities through work in any field. He dominates the sciences, reveals the secrets of nature, inspires the meditations and insights of the wise, and brings victory, freeing them from adversity and enemies. Finally, he is the bearer of Love and often leads the person to find love in the realm of work.

According to tradition, Aniel is invoked to see beyond things and into the future. He is also called God the Revealer because to help us realize our dreams, he can make us discover hidden treasures. Gold and money, in fact, if they are used for good, are also a kind of condensed light, which used to realize a high project, allows us to act with greater efficiency and ease.

Anyone born under this influence will be a celebrity who will be distinguished by his talents and his good astral messages – his enthusiasm will be overflowing. Sometimes it will become satyr, with crazy and revolutionary ideas, but everything that exposes to the public will be dignifying.

You will only accept an offer of work or a better social condition if they are not contrary to your spiritual inspirations. Your firm self-control will keep you from yielding to the temptation of accommodation.

Their mentalization for a better world, through prayer or meditation, favors all who have the same genius. You will have a small circle of constant and faithful friends. Possibility of getting married young, often choosing older people.

He will strive for the well-being of his children, becoming sad when they do not take advantage of the opportunities offered to them. You will be very lucky and will enjoy many privileges, obtaining good results in contests, public and literary disputes.

Aniel Prayer – Psalm 25:8 Deus virtutum converte nos, ostende faciem tuam et salvi erimus

Mitzrael Guardian Angel Born January 16 to 20

Mitzrael gives the capacity to concretize projects, and also to bestow repairing and reconstructive energies. Mitzrael angel dramatically accelerates the manifestation of human intentions. It has an influence that makes people decidedly directed to the purpose, capable of immediate and effective practical achievements. People protected by Mitzrael Guardian Angel becoming receptive to their energy will also be able to establish excellent relations… Continue reading Mitzrael Guardian Angel Born January 16 to 20

Haamiah Guardian Angel Born September 29 to Oct. 3

Haamiah guardian angel protects the person from all forms of negative energy including accidents, while on the collective level dominates all religious cults. His energy wisely doses the energies of Mars and those of Venus, which are thus vitalized from one another, and causes the beauty and harmony of the Upper World to descend towards… Continue reading Haamiah Guardian Angel Born September 29 to Oct. 3

Mebahiah Guardian Angel Born December 22 to 26

Mebahiah dominates morality and inspires exemplary behavior. Mebahiah Guardian Angel stimulates the externalization of the noblest thoughts of the individual that he will have elaborated. This means that the beauty of his thoughts will depend directly on the quality of his inner mental reserves. If his intellect were filled with mediocre or gloomy ambiguous contents, the Angel… Continue reading Mebahiah Guardian Angel Born December 22 to 26

Ayin Shin Lamed Meaning of the 47th Name of God

Ayin Shin Lamed contains the concept – I know the ways that lead from below to the top – ways to take with the decision and full confidence. Hesitation is the starting point and the only real enemy of people protected by the vibrations of this Name. They soon learn about the gravity force that the majority… Continue reading Ayin Shin Lamed Meaning of the 47th Name of God

Vehuiah 1st Kabbalah Angel Meditation Prayer

Vehuiah 1st Kabbalah Angel qualities are courage, value, intense energy, impulse to undertake wisely. The strength of will and decision, faculty to create and develop the most difficult things. Sémiaza is the angel that opposes the work of Vehuiah. It represents confusion and indeterminacy, rides indifference and anger. Makes turbulent men instill anger, distrust, and… Continue reading Vehuiah 1st Kabbalah Angel Meditation Prayer

Lecabel 31st Kabbalah Angel Meditation Prayer

Lecabel 31st Kabbalah Angel qualities are lucidity, generosity, rationality, accuracy, speed of decision, patience, hope. Lecabel guardian angel gives success in the fields of communication, in the agricultural, astronomical, geographic, and mathematical fields. Buk is the angel of the abyss that contrasts the works of Lecabel angel. It represents the lack of opportunities. inspires avarice, usury, illicit gains, intriguing moralism, threat. Lecabel… Continue reading Lecabel 31st Kabbalah Angel Meditation Prayer