Cahetel Guardian Angel Born April 26 to 30

Cahetel Guardian Angel administers the energies of the Moon, therefore, although his element is the Earth, he is also an Angel of the Waters. The energy that accords fertilizes expands… Read More

Jesus Money Prayer I trust and I hope in you

Jesus, I entrust everything in your hands and for this, I proclaim Lord I trust and hope in You! Lord Jesus, I come to put myself in your presence at… Read More

The family as a resource of religious values

In the family, religious values ​​would be proposed from childhood, to be cultivated in childhood, to be rethought in adolescence, so that the subject integrates them into his culture. Parents… Read More

Rehael kabbalah angel 39th meditation prayer

Rehael kabbalah angel 39th urges to invoke the power of his angelic energy. Rehael guardian angel gives the person the power to transmute evil into good, and also to seek… Read More

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