God Money Prayer

God’s money prayer and to his infinite mercy. Before reading the prayer, dwell on some considerations. Some people say they love money and hate those who have it. Others envy those who have them. Many want money at all costs and then risk becoming like the people they hated, envied, or hated. How can their… Continue reading God Money Prayer

Holy Angels Against the Dark Forces

Holy Angels Prayer for Protection from Dark Forces. Lord send all the Holy Angels and Archangels. Send the holy Archangel Michael, the holy Gabriel, the holy Raphael, so that they can be present and defend and protect this servant of yours. You who have shaped it, to whom you have given a soul and for… Continue reading Holy Angels Against the Dark Forces

Mem Nun Dalet Meaning of the 36th Name of God

Mem Nun Dalet gives the courage to dominate our fears by comparing them at a deeper level with the truth and pulling them out of the roots. The basic problem is the following – the real fears we normally have are not related to the events we are experiencing. But as we load those events with something that is hidden… Continue reading Mem Nun Dalet Meaning of the 36th Name of God