Meditate with your Guardian Angel

Meditate in the Christian tradition is considered a means of coming into contact with God. It is the indispensable basis for every journey of self-awareness and knowledge of life itself.… Read More

Damabiah Guardian Angel Born February 10 to 14

Damabiah Guardian Angel in Traditional Text is indicated as the source of all wisdom that transmits to the person a continuous flow, which becomes love and expresses itself outward in… Read More

Haziel Guardian Angel Born May 1 to 5

Haziel Guardian Angel is a kind of love machine, it is an angel incessantly emanating love and friendship, thanks to which we can love and make ourselves loved, and through… Read More

The eye reveals the secret details of your subconscious

The eye is the mirror of the soul, we have all heard this statement. What you see in the eyes of others reveals a secret about your subconscious mind and… Read More

Ayin Shin Lamed Meaning 47th Name of God

Ayin Shin Lamed contains the concept - I know the ways that lead from below to the top - ways to take with the decision and full confidence. Hesitation is… Read More

Ariel Guardian Angel Born November 8 to 12

Ariel Guardian Angel dispenses the Venusian and solar energies, grants a subtle feeling able to perceive beyond appearances what really happens, or what has already happened. Ariel Guardian Angel is… Read More

Silence, everything is created in silence

Everything is created in silence: thoughts, words, inner peace and any other form of creativity. By dedicating part of your vital energy to silence, you will achieve inner peace, eliminate… Read More

Anger is a feeling that embitters the soul

Anger is a feeling that emanates the soul throughout the day. But it is above all during our reflections that it subjugates the mind by representing them the face of… Read More

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