Mumiah Guardian Angel Born March 16 to 20

Mumiah is the chief collaborator of the Archangel Gabriel, and the governor of the energies of the Moon - the unconscious forces that form the images of our inner self.… Read More

Yehuiah Guardian Angel Born September 3 to 7

Yehuiah guardian angel according to traditional texts protects worthy and honest principles, assists all that is highest in us. This idea of ​​protection also includes work, in the sense that… Read More

Bene Elohim the seven planetary powers

Bene Elohim (Archangels) represent the seven planetary powers. However, these powers must be able to invoke them they represent a positive and a negative part. At the moment in which… Read More

Chavakiah Guardian Angel Born September 13 to 17

Chavakiah incites to reconquer the Eden that we have been forced to leave, for this reason, the moral self of the people will find expression in beneficial expeditions carried out… Read More

Kaf Hey Tav 8th Name of God in Kabbalah

Kaf Hey Tav will neutralize all negative forces, including stress and nervous tension if you rely on Heavenly Father. Using this Name well involves being put in the infamous conditions… Read More

The question of the origin and nature of evil

The question of the origin and nature of evil was one of the main driving forces behind Kabbalistic speculation. In the importance attributed to it, it is one of the… Read More

Chokmah is a dynamic Sephirah with unlimited energy

Chokmah is a dynamic Sephirah, flowing with unlimited energy and it will be good to get used to seeing it as a channel for the passage of force, of that… Read More