Hahasiah Prayer the glory of the Lord be forever

Hahasiah Prayer, the glory of the Lord be forever, rejoice the Lord in his works. This is the traditional prayer 31st verse of Psalm 103. The fundamental theme of Psalm 103 is a blessing. Blessing means recognizing God as the source of life, joy, salvation, well-being that can accompany man’s life. The psalm begins with a… Continue reading Hahasiah Prayer the glory of the Lord be forever

Meditation with Guardian Angel, Experience God’s Love

Meditation with your Guardian Angel means experiencing the love of God and the Angels. In the Christian tradition, meditation is considered a means to get in touch with God. It is the indispensable basis for every path of self-awareness and knowledge of life itself. Meditation puts thought, imagination and emotions into action, which is why… Continue reading Meditation with Guardian Angel, Experience God’s Love

Prayer for money do not doubt the power of God

Prayer for money, faith represents the most important means for believers to be heard and to change their destiny. Although Catholic teachings teach us to label the desire for money as an evil that must be desisted, there are many who seek prayers to receive money and find some serenity. Basically asking to solve economic… Continue reading Prayer for money do not doubt the power of God

Guardian Angel Love Us Unconditionally

Guardian angel loves us unconditionally. Each of us has a guardian Angel, who accompanies him from the moment of his birth until the moment of death, staying close to him at every moment of his life. The idea of ​​a supernatural entity that follows and supervises every human being was already present in other religions and Greek… Continue reading Guardian Angel Love Us Unconditionally

Angels contemplate the divine perfection of God

Angels contemplate the divine perfection of God, as they bask in the eternal sun of heavenly delights. They offer praise, prayers, and good deeds of mortals. They plead the cause of human beings against evils, offering in their favor the Precious Blood of Jesus. This ministry is exercised above all by the Seraphim, the Cherubim,… Continue reading Angels contemplate the divine perfection of God

Habuhiah Guardian Angel Born February 25 to 29

Habuhiah Guardian Angel favors the harmonious fusion of male and female energies. With your intervention, we can create perfect works. The images he depicts in the interiority of the person, push him to work obtaining success from his work. The abundance of results (economic, sentimental, spiritual) will be obtained in the type of activity that the person… Continue reading Habuhiah Guardian Angel Born February 25 to 29

Holy Archangels Prayer, Money Invocation

Holy archangels prayer, recite this powerful prayer to prosper, for the need of money. If you desire to buy a house, pay debts, have a prosperous career. – Lord in the name of Jesus, I (your name), I ask you to help me to win immediately, fortunately, the necessary and sufficient money to pay and solve all my financial… Continue reading Holy Archangels Prayer, Money Invocation

Principalities Messenger Angels of Heaven

Principalities are the first Choir of the third Angelic Hierarchy. To the third sphere belong those angels who perform the function of messengers of Heaven. They are those who possess a sovereign character with the power of command within the divine order. Principalities collaborate with the Powers Angels in the management of human politics, receiving orders directly from the… Continue reading Principalities Messenger Angels of Heaven

Yud Bet Mem 70th Name of God in Kabbalah

Yud Bet Mem Genesis 1: 1, The first sentences of Genesis are all dedicated to God who creates our Universe using his word as a creative medium. Things do not exist when he thinks of them, but when he says them. For this reason, the Gospel of John begins with In the beginning was the Word. Although it may… Continue reading Yud Bet Mem 70th Name of God in Kabbalah

Raziel Archangel Power of love and knowledge. His name means God is my pleasure. In fact, this Archangel inspires the pleasure of seeking and knowing God. The path to Self-knowledge is intended to lead us to understand the One. 

Love ruled by Raziel leads us to desire unity and therefore to find delight in spiritual research itself. At the apex of the angelic Hierarchy the archangel Metatron represents the total and invisible will that lies at the origin and at the end of all things.

But when this Will must be manifested in the concrete it is expressed through the energy of Raziel, who has the face of love and Wisdom. His energy gives man the knowledge he seeks before mysteries: from the answers we ask about the cause of a disease or self-destructive behavior, to those about universal truths.

According to Tradition, when, after the fall from Eden, Adam (humanity) went to meet the disease, Raziel offered him the book of herbs and medicinal recipes. This Archangel, which visibly applies the invisible will, represents for human beings the comprehensible and revealing aspect of god, the one to whom we must discover essential discoveries.

He is the enemy of ignorance that tramples the cosmic rules and his energy is aimed at nullifying everything that hinders the divine work and hinders human evolution. But the human path to knowledge can be tiring and painful.

In the drive of love to elevate us to the High, in fact, there is a fracture between us and what is located down (that is, the material basis in which we are rooted) this can free a destructive force and conflagrate in a crisis that generates suffering.

Yet, beyond appearances, this suffering may not be just an evil, but the spy of a deeper need: precisely the consequence of a boost of elevation in relation to the most material level in which one is immersed. On this level Raziel can certainly represent a destructive aspect; but only of all that which is deceptive because it is multiple: perverse as it obscures the perception of unity.

In a sense, darkness converges on darkness precisely because the Light re-emerges. Invoked, Raziel facilitates this journey by illuminating the road: guiding, granting wisdom and knowledge, and inducing to apply, with love within society, the knowledge acquired through his own personal experiences of suffering.

He is in fact the Initiator, the permanent spark destined one day to light up our conscience; the vector instrument of the desires to know, the one who directs them and instills in them the will. As such it also has the task of giving the providential reward to the efforts of the researchers.

By invoking it, those in search of knowledge will obtain it, provided they have a sincere and moral aspiration. When it is obtained, the gift of knowledge of Raziel is not revealed through the active intelligence of thought but is expressed in direct and sudden intuitive revelation, with the gift of revelation or mystical illumination.

Raziel exhorts us to use our intuition to be in harmony with the higher consciousness that lies beyond the teachings to which we are attracted. Its action causes meaning and feeling to generate a powerful vibration in the body and in the mind: a resonance that makes it directly experience knowledge, harmony, and truth to awaken completely.