Principalities Angels, Guardians of Time, and Eras

Principalities Angels According to Christian angelology based on the classification of Dionysius, the Principalities are an order of angels belonging…

1 week ago

Haiaiel Guardian Angel Born March 11 to 15

Haiaiel Guardian Angel grants the person a penetrating lucidity that allows them to immediately distinguish without failing, the Good from Evil,…

2 weeks ago

Elemiah Guardian Angel Born April 5 to 9

Elemiah guardian angel grants useful and exciting trips by sea, success in business and industrial activities. Its energy ensures success in any…

2 weeks ago

Mebahiah Guardian Angel Born December 22 to 26

Mebahiah dominates morality and inspires exemplary behavior. Mebahiah Guardian Angel stimulates the externalization of the noblest thoughts of the individual…

1 year ago

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