Mem Vav Mem 72nd Name of God Meaning

Mem Vav Mem the vibration of this Name evokes the original concept hidden in the hieroglyph - it is I envelop all my questions on every side -. This is,… Read More

Melahel Guardian Angel Born July 12 to 16

Melahel dispenses healing that is especially valuable as a capacity to heal oneself and therefore others. First of all through an aptitude to preserve and protect; but also able to… Read More

Hahahel Guardian Angel Born October 14 to 18

Hahahel Guardian Angel offers the joy of spirituality that is obtained by living life as a celebration of beauty, of goodness, of all that is beautiful in creation and in… Read More

Angels of intuition help to understand the true nature

Angels of intuition help to understand the true nature of people. The Angels of intuition help to accumulate information that we can then use in a beneficial way to grow… Read More

Intuitive intelligence how to develop ours

Before discovering how to enhance our intuitive intelligence, you may be wondering why we should do it and for what purpose. Well for this purpose, we must remember how traditional… Read More

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