Meditate with your Guardian Angel

Meditate in the Christian tradition is considered a means of coming into contact with God. It is the indispensable basis for every journey of self-awareness and knowledge of life itself.… Read More

Yeratel 27th angel in kabbalah, meditation prayer

Yeratel angel 27th gives peaceful character and pacifism, endurance, repentance, righteousness, fidelity to one's destiny, benevolence, happiness. Ergamen is the name of the angel that contrasts the works of the… Read More

We see reality only through the Light

We see based on our prejudices, our selfishness, our fears, the fear of not being up to the moment of life to face and we do not realize that reality… Read More

Resh Aleph Hey 69th Name of God in Kabbalah

Resh Aleph Hey Psalm 15: 5, God who sees everything is the only force we can resort to when we are lost and we want to meet again. Similarly, the… Read More

Poyel Angel Ancient Healing Prayer

Poyel Angel ancient healing prayer concerning the endocrine glands. Poyel Angel divine cosmic essence. Column of the universe, support of the disinherited turn your sweet gaze to this valley of… Read More

Haziel 9th Kabbalah Angel Meditation Prayer

Haziel 9th Kabbalah Angel exhorts to forgive, the indulgence can be very difficult and for this reason, it is important to ask the forces to be able to do it.… Read More

Cahetel 8th Kabbalah Angel Meditation Prayer

Cahetel 8th Kabbalah Angel qualities are spiritual awakening, love of nature for animals and for the jobs of the earth. imagination, modesty, gratitude. Cahetel Angel gives a highly practical mentality… Read More

Nanael Angel Healing Prayer (eye diseases)

Nanael Angel torch that illuminates the world. Lord, you are the source of Wisdom: show me the secrets of the cosmos, so that I never walk again on the paths… Read More

Yeialel Angel Healing Prayer (abdomen, spleen, liver)

Yeialel Angel, God who protects during the battle! Lord arms mine arm with your Justice. My heart wants to be true to your intent. He removes sadness and pain from… Read More

Sehaliah Angel Healing Prayer (cardiac disorders)

Sehaliah Angel God of Light, engine of dormant wills. Lord who mobilizes the divine action. Listen, O LORD, the faint beat of my heart. Renew my blood, because this time… Read More

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