Angel of Forgiveness and Reconciliation

Angel of forgiveness and reconciliation protects people born between 1st May and 5th May. Haziel whose name means God of Mercy is the…

2 days ago

Hahahel Guardian Angel Born October 14 to 18

Hahahel offers the joy of spirituality that is obtained by living life as a celebration of beauty, of goodness, of all that…

6 days ago

13th Angel from 0 to 5th Degree of Gemini

13th Angel has granted you the supreme ability of persuasion, you will express noble and brilliant ideas with captivating grace.…

2 weeks ago

Eyael Guardian Angel Born February 20 to 24

Eyael Guardian Angel dominates every transformation process changes, mutations, metamorphoses, in events, in personalities, in nature. It gives love for…

2 weeks ago

Poyel Guardian Angel Born December 27 to 31

Poyel Guardian Angel is considered the bearer of the gifts of Providence. It dominates luck, hope, and optimism. Poyel concretizes…

7 months ago

Caliel Guardian Angel Born June 16 to 21

Caliel Guardian Angel is the most direct collaborator of the Archangel Zaphquiel (who in turn grants individuals the space-destiny in…

9 months ago

Imamiah Guardian Angel Born December 8 to 12

Imamiah Guardian Angel has the power to harmonize the energies of Mars (which represents strength and work), with the energies of Venus (which represents love,…

1 year ago

Aniel Guardian Angel Born September 24 to 28

Aniel Guardian Angel strengthens in people the will be represented by the energies of the Sun, making them determined, volitive,…

1 year ago

Raziel Archangel Prince of the Cherubim Angels

Raziel Archangel Power of love and knowledge. His name means God is my pleasure. In fact, this Archangel inspires the pleasure of seeking and knowing God. The path…

2 years ago

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